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Indymedia Exhibition.

GS | 11.10.2007 17:24 | Culture | Indymedia | London | South Coast

Starting in London and then moving to other venues.

Opening October 30th.

Text the contact numbers if know of a suitable space that is free and accessible. Or if you wish to organise something. Anywhere in the UK or Europe considered.

Indymedia London Exhibition Flyer
Indymedia London Exhibition Flyer

N.B. Unfortunately there is a problem with accessibility at the Foundry so we are also looking for another space in London that is wheelchair friendly. Must be free to enter.




23.10.2007 22:12

Peeps are telling me this exhibition is off due to the accessibility issue.

No it's not.

There will be another venue in London, but this one is going ahea as planned.

mini mouse


28.10.2007 23:51

thursday bash - flyer
thursday bash - flyer

Get down there whichever night you can.

Thursday's flyer is attached - this evening will be hosted by London's Public Engagement group, which formed following the Heathrow Climate Camp.

Meet, join, engage! Pass it on


London Engage Kru

Creative Resistance and Climate Change Workshop

29.10.2007 15:38

Creative Resistance and Climate Change Workshop

October 31st, 2007
Time: 7pm-9pm
Location: The Foundry, 84-86 Great Eastern St, London EC2A 3JL


On Wednesday October 31st, 2007 the Climate Camp Exhibition hosts a panel
discussion and participatory workshop on ‘Creative Resistance to Climate
Change.’ Short presentations on creative resistance and climate change
will be followed by a facilitated discussion. The aim is to address
questions such as:

-What is creative resistance?
-Why is it necessary?
- How can and do we use the power of creativity, art and imagination in
our direct action?
-What does (or would) a diversity of tactics approach to climate change
look like?

Speakers from: Ecstatic Mourning, PlaneStupid, Departure Lounge, Climate Camp

Everyone is welcome to stay along after for drinks, chats and planning.

“Avoid old stale tactics at all costs. Chanting and picketing no longer
make an impression … Look for daring, new participatory tactics depending
on the nature of your action.”
-Lesbian Avenger Action Outline

“[This is] not a plea to take art to the streets … It's a plea to value
our creativity more, to understand it’s transformative power and apply it
directly to social change, to social movements, to acts of disobedience
and strategies of survival.”
-John Jordan, Deserting the Culture Bunker


N.B. Unfortunately there is a problem with accessibility at the Foundry.
We hope arrangements can be made for everyone wanting to participate.
Please contact




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