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Photos of Blockade of Manchester airport Terminal 3

imc manchester | 08.10.2007 12:52 | Climate Camp 2007 | Climate Chaos

These stills show that it is very possible to get into your local airport and blockade the security section for Domestic flights.

Airport Blockaders
Airport Blockaders

Airport Blockaders
Airport Blockaders

Airport Blockaders
Airport Blockaders

Airport Blockaders
Airport Blockaders

Airport Blockaders
Airport Blockaders

Airport Blockaders
Airport Blockaders

Airport Blockaders
Airport Blockaders

Airport Blockaders
Airport Blockaders

Airport Blockaders
Airport Blockaders


Activists from Manchester Climate Action and Manchester Plane Stupid have
blockaded the security check-in of terminal 3 of Manchester Airport.
Passengers are being denied access to the departure lounge by seven
activists locked together using arm-tube devices. Two banners have been
unfurled reading, “Manchester City Council...supporting climate chaos” and
“Domestic flights cost the Earth”. Other protesters are leafleting
passengers with information about aviation and climate change as well as
handing out train timetables for route destinations.

imc manchester
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08.10.2007 14:41

This is great - hopefully it can be used in evidence.

Look at the self-righteous looks on their faces - avoiding eye contact with passengers - like little Joan of Arc.

Why not get a banner made up with -

We don't wan't to use domestic flights
And we know what's best for you
So you're not going to use domestic flights either.

You're really fascists - you can't get democratic support for your agenda so you exploit the freedoms of liberal society which you want to curtail.

ps You're lucky I wasn't in that queue because I would have undertaken my own 'direct action'.

terry mcleod

Terry, old son...

08.10.2007 15:13

This was a peaceful protest which had a valid point to make.
You're saying you would use physical violence on some-one who had only (when you think about it) inconvenienced you.
Who's the fascist here?

Andy Citizen
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pick and choose

08.10.2007 16:43

Andy, you can't pick and choose which laws you want to obey.

What would the protesters do - complain to the police?


Planet B

08.10.2007 22:11

dale, unless you know the location of planet B it's your cause also, Millions will die! what must people do to get your sympathy?

Crusty Camper

the point,

08.10.2007 23:20

my dear old crusty, is that if you're going to succeed in doing anything, you need popular support. Pissing people off by making them miss their flight is an exceedingly stupid tactic.


Popular Support

09.10.2007 08:41

I don't know if you hadn't noticed, but we don't really have to time to muck around trying to get everyone on our side. If we can save the world without popular support, then we're pretty much morally obliged to do so. Those passengers'll thank us all if they ever get a chance to be older.

Dave C
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Popular Support

09.10.2007 16:52

You won't be able to save the planet without popular support. Unless of course you plan on taking up arms overthrowing the state, taking the power and setting up a green dictatorship. Go on give it a try it would be funny as fuck.


"if we can save the world....."

11.10.2007 09:06

we can't,
there's about 6 of us...
& anyway it's not the world that needs to worry, it's humanity.

the world will be fine... eventually.



11.10.2007 18:11

Fair play to those people for doing this. Manchester council is planning an expansion of the airport despite the fact that aviation is now the biggest cause of CO2 emmissions in the UK. Domestic flights are one of the ways we can reduce emissions without having to take a step back into the cave. I pay council tax to MCC.That money bought and paid for the airport. If people were mildly put out by the action ....well who cares. They are destroying my planet with frivolous internal flights when they could as easily get the train.

mail e-mail: Lindgard

re: "if we can save the world....."

13.10.2007 23:17

> we can't,
> there's about 6 of us...
Go on - you sit on your arse finding fault and we'll go to hell - or get up and DO something to make the world a better place.

> & anyway it's not the world that needs to worry, it's humanity.
Doh - and you just realised?!


dumber and dumber

14.10.2007 17:00

avoiding eye contact? think not

let's get to grips with reality here. flying by jet aircraft is stupid, selfish and inconsiderate. you can't wish the problem of climate change away; step on the gas and it just gets worse. smell the fucking coffee mate.


Direct Action :)

09.11.2007 12:21

greta to see direct action against the consumers themselves

during the climate camps around heathrow the policy was not to take any actions that might frustrate passengers, a policy i disagreed with

good to see the protests taken to the front line :)


Walking the walk..

09.11.2007 21:05

Brilliant action everyone involved! Sick of dumbass idiots making themselves feel better by sticking their wine bottles in a recycling box but still driving their tanks to work and supporting the growth of aviation emmissions. As long as they aren't inconvenienced in any way.... And they're always the first to condemn any action that actually may make a difference!
The polluters don't give a fuck about anyone but themselves so it's inspiring to see these 6 people putting themselves in danger (airport security must be pretty scary these days) to protect others.



19.11.2007 15:26

difficult one this..

as a vegan my `carbon footprint` is tiny enough that i can take a flight now and again(like seeing family in other parts of the world).. if i was held up in this i would have been feeling pissed off !

direct action for actions sake?

going vegan is bay far a more direct way to cut you carbon footprint as the meat and dairy industry creats more greenhouse gasses than anything else. this is FACT not fiction!

vegan power