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BA fly you to death

one of noborders | 06.10.2007 00:35 | No Border Camp 2007 | Anti-racism | Migration | London

Yesterday Friday 5th October we picketed the London Eye, owned by British Aiways: we got a lot of harassment from private security; two police with machine guns passed by but they weren't interested in us.

We displayed a banner reading 'BRITISH AIRWAYS FLY YOU TO DEATH', a copycat version of another banner 'XL flies you to death', and a banner reading 'NO ONE IS ILLEGAL/ STOP DEPORTATIONS'. Others protestors from various groups and campaigns were trying to march up and down with placards against the odds posed by the security guards and we were giving leaflets to the people. Some were interested, some slighlty hostile. One guys said it is not possible that things like that happen in England. One other told us to get a job - one of us answered he's got two jobs already.

To coincide, The Independent published a feature about people being beaten by UK escorts during deportations and on airplanes: 1st 2nd and 3dr page.
A, on the front page, whose leg was broken, has sadly been deported to Cameroon. Apollo, Beatrice and Armand T. are still detained.
Apollo and Beatrice should be having bail hearings next week (supporters in court would be most welcomed).
Apollo was visited by the No Borders detainee support group, who were his first contact with the outside world when he was detained, shorly after he arrived. When he was released he joined the No Borders group. Apollo was re-detained some 2 months ago and beaten during an attempt to deport him.

If you haven't seen The Independent:

On Monday The Independent has given lots of good coverage about deportations to particularily dangerous countries, 1st and 2nd page:

Not bad for the corporate media.

one of noborders
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Home Secretary facing revolt in parliament ( I wish! )

06.10.2007 09:52

According to today's Independent:

Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, is facing calls for a full Commons statement into allegations that hundreds of people being deported from Britain faced beatings and racial abuse by their official escort teams.
MPs of all parties expressed horror at cases of alleged abuse highlighted by The Independent.

Those of us who are into lobby MPs please write to their MPs!



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