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Yorkshire Campaigners Take Nuclear Base by Surprise

Yorkshire CND | 02.10.2007 10:40 | Faslane

Protestors have managed to close the Faslane naval base in Scotland by surprising the police with a combination of superglue and paint.

7 Protestors from Leeds, Bradford and York were this morning arrested after pouring paint over themselves and super gluing their hands together whilst lying in front of the gates of the base. The glue and paint were used in order to cause maximum delay to the operations of the base.

Faslane is home to the fleet of submarines that carry Britain’s nuclear weapons system, Trident. The system consists of almost 200 nuclear warheads which can be launched from US Trident missiles. They are carried on four submarines and each individual warhead has about eight times the explosive power of the Hiroshima bomb.

Organiser Lavinia Crossley from Bradford said; “We have been actively involved in the Faslane 365 campaign to shut down the base. The Big Blockade yesterday marked the end of the official 365 days of the campaign, and we wanted to show the Government that we will not be going away; that Trident replacement is illegal, immoral and dangerous to us all.”

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