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Bradford fairies arrested in anti-nuclear blockade

Anti-nuclear | 01.10.2007 06:36 | Faslane | Anti-militarism

Several Bradford campaigners, dressed as fairies, have been arrested already during the Big Blockade, the finale to Faslane 365. They were joining hundreds of others in blockading the nuclear submarine base.

The group consists of people who took part in earlier blockades and others for whom this is their first such action. They all wish to highlight the illegality of Britain's Nuclear Weapons under international law and the hypocrisy of insisting that other states disarm while maintaining such capabilities for ourselves.

Benjamin Wells, recently graduated from the University of Bradford, said before leaving yesterday: "We hope that there will be hundreds of other protesters from around the country at the Big Blockade with us on Monday to demonstrate against the undemocratic actions of the government. Anti-nuclear protests will continue until Britain starts abiding by the non-proliferation treaty."

In February, the British government agreed in principle to replace its fleet of 4 Nuclear-armed submarines and their weapons systems at a cost of £100 billion, however it has yet to agree specifics or sign contracts. Continuing would mean breaking the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which Britain is demanding Iran and North Korea to abide by.

The Bradford Faslane 365 group first blockaded the base on 16th October 2006, with several chaining themselves together using a large peace symbol. Members of the group returned on 23rd March 2007 and glued themselves together in the middle of the road, shutting the main entrance for around 2 hours.




01.10.2007 07:15

Most of the Bradford participants have now been arrested. One has texted to report that things have remained "friendly". It does appear that everyone was taken by surprise by the speed of the police response; much higher than most recent blockades.