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Arrest of Maya Evans and Fr Martin Newell at Labour Party Conference

Maya and Martin at Bournemouth | 28.09.2007 17:38 | Anti-militarism | Repression

Maya Evans and Father Martin were arrested outside the Labour Party Conference in 2007 for daring to express the views held by 75% of the British people against the illegal and immoral wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

Peace activists Maya Anne Evans (27), convicted in 2005 for reading the names of British soldiers killed in the Iraq war opposite Downing Street and Fr Martin Newell (41) convicted of the Jubilee Ploughshares action are both standing trial this Thursday 2.30pm in Bournemouth Magistrates for ‘Obstruction of the Highway’ after protesting at the start of the Labour Party Conference on Sunday.

The two took part in civil disobedience with 30 others outside the Labour Party Conference, staging a sit-down protest to demand a U-turn in British foreign policy, six protestors wearing a specially made “U Turn for Peace” T Shirt were arrested in total.

Maya Anne Evans says: “We know from the polls that - contrary to Government policy - majorities of the British public are opposed to Trident renewal and the arming repressive regimes, and want to see all British troops withdrawn from Iraq and Afghanistan.

“In Gordon Browns speech at the conference he stated to continue the current line in foreign policy as regards Iraq and Afghanistan. This aggressive foreign policy will increase the threat of terrorism in this country and will be responsible for the further death toll of hundreds of thousands of individuals in these countries”.

Maya Anne Evans currently has a warrant out for her arrest for the unpaid fine resulting from the Cenotaph protest in 2005, on the grounds of free speech Evans refuses to pay the fine and as a consequence faces a possible two week prison sentence.

Fr Martin Newell says: “According to recent reports British war planes have dropped more bombs on Iraqi targets in the past month than in the whole of the previous three years, British troops in Afghanistan have called in US airstrikes hundreds of times in recent months. These are Brown’s bombs”.

Maya and Martin at Bournemouth


TA 2006 innit

29.09.2007 12:09

Home Secretary innit. We can glorify the Burmese monks tooling up to defend themselves and the protesters breaking bricks to defend themselves with, but dare to suggest the people have a right to fight back in Iraq or Afghanistan, or that Blair, Brown and cronies should be tried under their own precious TA 2006 and you'll be banged up for dissent.

Check this legal opinion on the Act from a prosecuting QC and MP:

And here's the parliamentary debate on the "worst Bill evr brought before this Parliament"; skip to the end (all the failed amendments in green italics) to see how it had to be more aggressively whipped than the Iraq vote, or indeed any vote in the history of Parliament, to avoid amendment to bring it into line with European Law and basic principles of justice:

And yes, the judiciary have spoken out about the political drafting of the Act to exclude justice as a principle:,,1752773,00.html and,,1808323,00.html

Welcome to the Police State. No freedom of speech here. Take care, head down and make sure to agree with our noble leaders; they're sure to know best. Nothing to worry about.

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28.09.2007 19:02

should allow peaceful protest.Said by Milliband.But not in the uk for the people of the uk