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Green Scare: Federal court jury finds Eric McDavid guilty | 28.09.2007 13:40 | Animal Liberation | Ecology | Repression

Thursday, September 27 2007: After deliberating for 11 hours over two days, a federal court jury has found Eric McDavid guilty of conspiring to blow up government and other facilities as part of an eco-terror plot.

The verdict came late Thursday [27 Sept 2007] afternoon following a trial that relied heavily on the testimony of an undercover FBI informant who was known to jurors only as "Anna" and who presented evidence of conversations McDavid and two companions had about blowing up the Nimbus Dam, a U.S. Forest Service facility in Placerville and other targets.

Prosecutors will ask that the maximum 20-year prison sentence be imposed on McDavid. Sentencing is set for Dec. 6. McDavid will remain in custody. He has been locked up since he and two co-conspirators were arrested Jan. 13, 2006.

Lauren Weiner and Zachary Jenson were allowed to plead guilty to lesser charges and testified against McDavid. A status conference in connection with their sentences is scheduled Oct. 11.

Much more background on the case, plus links to articles reviewing each day of the trial at
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28.09.2007 14:44

I just learned about Eric'n'Anna, and posted this (slightly innacurate) :

Elephant pointed out a previous IM post :

Someone I believe to be an agent also commented on that thread, email if you want more info.

I did a quick search on annadavies99 and found this analysis of her posts :

It states Anna only posted on IM but she also posted on in 2004.

I can't understand how this was overlooked. Presumably it was previously not highly ranked by the search engines and no one took the time to dig deep enough, or perhaps she explained it away.


Better link

28.09.2007 14:54

This is the googlecache version of militarywoemn where ann expresses an interest in counter inteliigence.

I blame James Bond movies.

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Military Woman

29.09.2007 01:28

I guess all the hardcore folk already know all about this. I suggest everyone else reads it too since these folk weren't hardcore when they were infiltrated. Idiot me for not reading the compelling court transcript ( I was engrossed in a book when I chanced upon this case). And poor, foolish Eric for shrugging this off, I really do empathise.

AUSA asked her about the online posting to She said that she did have an intention to join the military early in her life because she wanted to do “patriotic service” to her country. It was the same for her work with the FBI. She claimed again that she had no expectation of being paid for her work, and that there was no contract for payment. She simply did it because it was “the right thing to do.”

Mark's Redirect of Anna

Anna admitted there were some transcripts she hadn't reviewed. Mark asked her how many times the group used the word “plot” (the prosecution used this word continuously throughout their time with Anna), and she said that Eric did not use that word, but that they did use the word “cell” and “conspiracy.” He asked her why she would have reason to lie on the website, and she said that she had none. She said when she wrote that she intended to join the military in a few weeks (she was 15 at the time and would not have been able to join), it was just a misunderstanding.

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