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Sons of Paradise

alice | 26.09.2007 14:04 | Anti-militarism | History | Sheffield

'Sons of Paradise' is a new play based on characters who join the Sheffield Pals Battalion to fight in World War One.

This newly formed company brings together Sheffield actors, writers and directors to promote new work for northern audiences.

'Sons of Paradise' is a play about love, betrayal, the horror of war and ultimately, redemption.
Charles is a fictional last remaining veteran of the Great War. The Government wants to honour him - and through him all the soldiers who fought and died in World War One – with a State funeral and burial in Westminster Abbey.
But Charles is reluctant to be put 'up amongst the gods', as he does not feel worthy of such an honour.
He remembers, as a young man, signing up with his best mate, George, to fight with the Sheffield Pals Battalion. They would stick together to 'Biff the Boche’. But the rats, blood, the stench of the trenches and George’s growing disillusion with the war threatens to break their friendship forever.
With increasing pressure from the government to agree to the State funeral, Charles is forced to face his own past: to remember his lost love, Phylis, and to help George’s family to heal wounds inflicted over 90 years ago.

Sons of Paradise is a play in which human frailties are washed in the healing waters of time and seem small compared to the greater betrayals of governments and generals.

Written by Alice Collins Directed by Paul Tyree
22nd-26th October 2007
Library Theatre, Tudor Square, Sheffield.
Evenings: 7.30pm. Matinees: Wednesday and Friday 2.30pm.
Tickets £10 / £8 concessions.
Matinees £6 / £5 concessions
Book online
Reserve tickets: 07818203844

Contact Alice Collins 0114 272 6090 or Paul Tyree 07944073862 for more information.

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