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Otterspool Promenade Under Threat Again

Save the Festival Gardens Campaign | 22.09.2007 15:54 | Ecology | Liverpool

On 28 September Liverpool Council plan to give-away a stretch of public open
space along Otterspool Promenade. This is part of the tree lined grass
embankment that runs along the coast from the Britannia Inn for about 1/2
mile between the Garden Festival site and the Promenade walkway. The
Executive Board meet at Millennium House at 9am next Friday 28th September
to approve the disposal and to include the land in the lease agreement with
Langtree McLean for their Festival Gardens development.

This land is designated as Green Wedge, Undeveloped Coastline and a Wildlife

Please object by writing to or Colin Green,
Municipal Buildings, Dale Street, Liverpool L2 2DH.

Public Inquiry for Festival Gardens scheme - 30 October

The enquiry will start on 30 October at 10am in the Sefton Room of the
Adelphi Hotel in central Liverpool - it is expected to last 12 days.

Show your support for the Campaign

If you wish to support or join the campaign please email your full name to

If you know anyone else who wants to join please ask them to drop us a line.
With an inquiry coming up we need to show how much support we have.

Please reply to:

for more details about the public enquiry & Festival Gardens development

Save the Festival Gardens web site:

Save the Festival Gardens Campaign
- Homepage:


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The value of the property

23.09.2007 00:56

By proposing an alternate use with some financial utility, there is an argument to be made that the lease is being provided uncompetitively and without best benefit to the current owners - that is the public. The simple fact that there is an alternative use requires consideration. The fact that there is a lease proposed implies that the current owners can place onditions on tha lease. It is not a lease for any use but for specified use. The erection of any kind of structure implies a plan to remove that structure shoudl the lease fall though. There has been no clarification fo how this removal would be carried out or even planned. This is a question that needs to be answered: what happens if it all goes wring? How will te site be restored to its current situation.

Its not a glorious argument. It is a practical last line position. If last line postions are clear then it makes it harder to overcome the first line.

An accoutant