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Call for still or moving images from this morning arrest

solidarity | 21.09.2007 13:39 | No Border Camp 2007 | Migration | Repression

An asylum seeker was arrested this morning in a horrible manner

This morning, 21 September 07 at about 10.30am an asylum seeker arrested just outside Lunar House, the headquarters of the Border and Immigration Agency. He was extremely distressed and tearful and was crying “they are not human! I just need help”. 3 metropolitan police officers moved to restrain him by violently wrestling him to the ground, and handcuffed him behind his back. Other police officers restrained the protesters who had been gathering outside Lunar House from intervening. He was arrested while handcuffed for 'a public order offence'. He was taken away in a police van. All the time protesters shouted phrases such 'Leave him alone... shame on you...'. One of those present has said: “fucking hell, it was so horrible”.

Please any one who got any images, video or pictures, contact Legal Support on 07972 872 542 or as they may be necessary for a possible legal action. If you are planning to report on this action, please blur the man's face before uploading your pictures or films on the internet. But your footage might be useful in any eventual court case by or against the police.