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Photos from the No Border action in Crawley.

maquipix | 20.09.2007 20:42 | No Border Camp 2007 | Migration

Photos from the No Border Camp's action on Thursday 20th - Welcoming action in the center of Crawley handing out the Gatwick X-press newspaper, and inviting local people to the free gig later tonight.



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Leafleting not action

20.09.2007 21:04

Could we please keep the word 'action' for referring to actions rather than demos and leafleting?

no offence

well .. maybe it was an action after all

20.09.2007 21:15

The meaning of words is actually a quite subjective thing, isn't it? What's an action then?. I mean, I was also leafleting around Crawley this afternoon and I definitely understood it as an action; positive action to be precise. The aim was to make links with the local community, so on Saturday we do not demonstrate around town like aliens form outer space. After all, we can't use superglue everyday, can we!?

no offence neither

doing something

21.09.2007 06:34

Action is doing.
Action can be covert or overt
fluffy or spiky
engaging or confrontational
educating and demystifying
writing, speaking, clicking, filming, recording and reporting
cooking, cleaning, mending
feeding people
healing people
building places to sit and talk
and sit and shit
waiting at the nick
legal help
court support
just being there
with a smile and a hug
and a listening ear
All these are Actions
We need them all
and together
We are Activists

in action

not activist

21.09.2007 12:24

i do some of these things because i am a human being. I never wish to become an 'activist'. I do these things because i am moved to do them...

ooman bean

Nice one in action

22.09.2007 10:03

and beautifully put

someone who cares


22.09.2007 22:46

...refers to direct action as in physically taking action to prevent something from happening. This can be occupying an office, stopping scabs breaking a strike, invading a construction site to prevent ecologically harmful work from taking place, confronting and battering fascists or many many things. The article above refers to leafleting. Raising awareness is a good thing and I'm not valuing one form of activity over another just saying there is a difference. An action is not about publicity or consciousness raising it is about actually taking matters into ones own hands.