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Report from No Borders action in Crawley

Camp Dispatch | 20.09.2007 17:30 | No Border Camp 2007 | Migration | South Coast

Report from action received at 5.45pm. People have arrived in Crawley centre from the camp, and are handing out leaflets and the Gatwick X-press, a free paper about the action to local people. Two Banners are being displayed with the slogans "NO BORDERS" and "Freedom of Movement for ALL People." Some locals are expressing an interest, although the fact that there are more police officers than campers may be putting some off.

At least 5 police officers are filming, 3 from the Met and 2 from Sussex Police. Fit Watchers are trying to prevent them from getting shots, and one Fit Watcher has been subjected to a stop and search. Police have tried to take her camera. Legal observers are present, and the reporter noted that the local police seemed a lot more laid back than the Met officers. The town centre was still quite busy at the time of the report.

Camp Dispatch


Action finished 19.20

20.09.2007 18:19

At 19.20, the action had finished and people were then wrapping up and coming back to the camp.