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International Living Study Says Mexico Best Country to Retire

Mr Roger K. Olsson | 20.09.2007 14:03 | Analysis | Other Press | Technology | London | World

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

BALTIMORE, Sep. 20, 2007 (PR Newswire delivered by Newstex) -- International Living magazine - a leading resource for helping people live, travel, and prosper overseas - has released its 15th Annual Global Retirement Index.

Mexico jumped four places to take the top spot as the world's top retirement haven. It is praised as an affordable combination of modern features and old-world charm.

'Mexico offers the perfect mix of centuries-old traditions and contemporary lifestyles. Moving to Mexico means you can still have all of the amenities you grew accustomed to north of the border: cable TV, high-speed Internet, and modern home appliances,' says Laura Sheridan, International Living's managing editor.

Mexico also benefits from top-notch health care, a diverse climate, and affordable real estate, according to the report.

The top 10 is a diverse group with countries from 6 continents represented. Trailing Mexico were Ecuador, Italy, Panama, Australia, Malta, Spain, South Africa, and Malaysia, in that order.

Panama fell from the top spot in part because the price of real estate there has risen dramatically - particularly in Panama City - and because the government has recently restricted tourist visas to just 30 days, making it more difficult for seasonal part-timers to live there. International Living still considers Panama a top destination, however, ranking it fourth in the Index.

The report analyzes 29 countries, and ranks them in categories including real estate costs, special benefits offered to retirees, culture, safety and stability, healthcare, climate, infrastructure, and cost of living. To see the complete list, visit .The United States ranks #19 in the report. The U.S. receives particularly bad marks in the area of special benefits for retirees. It scores well in both safety and infrastructure.

The United Kingdom ranks at the bottom of the list at #29 - primarily because of its high real estate prices and overall high cost of living.

International Living (, founded in1979, helps people live out their dreams by relocating, traveling, andinvesting overseas. International Living publishes a monthly magazine; a freedaily e-letter , readby more than 500,000 subscribers; and several country-specific e-letters. Tosubscribe to International Living magazine, visit . For more informationon retiring in Mexico, subscribe to the Mexico Insider at a specialintroductory rate of $1 ... . The company isheadquartered in Waterford, Ireland, with offices in Baltimore, Md.; PanamaCity, Panama; and Paris, France. Contact: Daniel Lott, Web Marketing Director,, 410-895-7917 Top 10 1. Mexico 2. Ecuador 3. Italy 4. Panama 5. Australia 5. Malta 7. Spain 7. South Africa 7. Malaysia 10. France 10. Thailand Other Notables 12. New Zealand 19. United States 27. Ireland 29. United Kingdom
SOURCE International Living

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