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Guardian Bullshit: "You're either in the Gatwick camp or the Heathrow camp"

Chris | 20.09.2007 11:37 | Climate Camp 2007 | No Border Camp 2007 | Climate Chaos | Migration | London

Brendan O'Neill's dreadful article on the Guardian's "Comment is Free" site, In the other camp, ends with this conclusion:

So, are you a green or are you a supporter of completely free migration? Because it seems to me at least that you cannot be both. You're either in the Gatwick camp or the Heathrow camp. Make your choice.

This is a crude attempt at divide and rule as many Indymedia and other activists who are currently at the No Borders Camp and who were at the Climate Camp can testify.

You can clearly be Green and against borders, travel doesn't have to use huge amounts of oil, for example listen to last week's Low Carbon Show on low carbon footprint travel:

The Low Carbon Show: #13: Slow Travel

Cargo Ship, Train & Milkfloat

Like Slow Food, Slow Travel is about quality rather than speed. Dan Kieran talks about his journey across Britain in a milkfloat and LoCO2 founder Jamie Andrews talks about travel by cargo ship and train travel in Europe.

Programme produced by Phil England for Climate Radio.
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My personal suggestion would be renewable powered airships, but first capitalism and war have to be stopped, the US military uses as much oil as Australia does in a whole year in just two days.

No Borders!
No War!



enemy lies

20.09.2007 14:28

...lots of people like myself went to both camps. There were workshops and actions related to climate camp that were about no borders - eg the occupation of the offices of XL deportation airways. Some of the people who set up the climate camp also helped setting up the noborders camp. It just shows how bad corporate dis-information can be. Another attempt by the enemy to divide us?