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Cops at Rampart

rasputin | 12.09.2007 13:05 | DSEi 2007

cops at rampart

Just received a text, apparently there are police at Rampart social centre demanding entry to speak to people inside. Hopefully more news to follow....



update from rampart street

12.09.2007 13:28

There are four police vans, some cars, and photographers. They don't seem to be doing much but are surrounding the block, including the houses. Apparently they don't have warrants if that means anything.


DSEi related

12.09.2007 13:32

The presence of FIT suggests it is DSEi related and the reports of cops shouting up to be at the windows suggests they might be wanting to check bail conditions and are still assuming that ramparts is the DSEi convergence center. Would have thought they would have corrected that misconception when they staked out the queer bingo on Monday night ;-)


Calming down...

12.09.2007 14:04

The police presence has been reduced. There had at least 4 van including a prison van plus other vehicles at one stage but there now appears to be just on van in the street itself and about a dozen police both front and back of the building and the neighbors houses in the same block.

cop watch


12.09.2007 15:20

Cops still here. Couple of vans around and about. Half a dozen cops seen front and back.
About 8 people turned up and formed a human barricade at rampART front door but they have now been let into the building. Not much going on.


1755 Rampart

12.09.2007 18:04

at 1755 the police van drove away leaving just the 4x4 remaining.

at around 0900 earlier in the day an unrelated squat was entered by police and all rooms searched. members of this squat have no political involvement with anything relating to the Rampart Social Centre therefor such raids are absolutely unjustified.

the door was opened by a resident of this squat at 0900 to find around 8 police standing outside. this may be in connection with the previous week's brutal attack by nine police officers and cs gassing upon a visitor to this squat.


policing at dsei

12.09.2007 19:45

at the link below there is information on policing of 'unlawful protestors' at dsei and the relevant officers' contact details for if you experience problems or want up to date news. (as well as informaion about route closures.) The password is 'community'.

- Homepage:

police at rampart

22.09.2007 14:31

i spoke to a few of the officers there, and they were saying they had information that suggested that people at rampart were planning some sort of direct action. that was their reason for so many officers, vans, and of course, the damn fit team.

here's a few shots