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Video of Critical Mass style ride to DSEi Arms Fair.

Doug | 12.09.2007 12:27 | DSEi 2007 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Social Struggles | London

The DSEi Arms Fair, reputed to be the biggest in the world, continues to be held every other year in London's Docklands, England, despite being allowed to sell horrendous weapons to rogue regimes.

Local residents, politicians and anti-war groups object most strongly to this brutal trade, including A Critical Mass style protest. The video covers this year's ride to the Arms Fair and consequent confrontations with a large contingent of police. One nice touch was the presence of a tank sneaked in by some demonstrators and offered for mock auction.





bikes not bombs - critical mass against dinner Thursday leave NFT 6:30pm

12.09.2007 12:40

All human power vehicles welcome. And tanks.



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What's a Critical Mass style ride?

12.09.2007 12:38

I'd hoped Indymedia was the last place anyone would make any concessions to the "Critical Mass is not political / political protests aren't Critical Masses" nonsense.


Critcal mass style ride?

12.09.2007 13:14

Purists might argue that the name 'Critical Mass' is, in this context, reserved for regular monthly rides and that such rides should not be linked to irregular protest actions. Of course you can call it what you like but standby for criticism from aforesaid purists if you cross the line.

From Wikipedia:

"However, Critical Mass participants have insisted that these events should be viewed as "celebrations" and spontaneous gatherings, and not as protests or organized demonstrations."


Destination and route makes it no critcal mass

12.09.2007 14:14

These protest related rides might share some similarity with critical mass but differ in major ways. They are not regular, last friday of each month - they usually have a specific destination or route as well as a 'leadership' that has planned and advertised the specific event.