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Faslane Big Blockade

Gulliver | 12.09.2007 10:30 | Faslane | Anti-militarism

The Big Blockade of Faslane Nuclear Submarine base takes place on 1st October 2007

The climax to Faslane 365, which has seen hundreds of groups from around the world blockage the nuclear submarine base,is a mass blockade on 1st October.

People from Nottingham and Derby made an incredibly powerful and inspiring protest when over 50 of us went up to Faslane last April.

There is still some funding in the Notts kitty so if a group from Notts/Derby want to arrange a trip for the Big Blockade then help covering transport costs may be available.

However it will need someone to organise this in the next two weeks.

for more info re Notts contact

for more deatils of the Big Blockade see