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Migrating University Goldsmiths to Gatwick

mig | 11.09.2007 21:40 | No Border Camp 2007 | Migration

General enthusiasm for this event is very high. A feeling of frustration, and therefore energy for exploring activist options, is strong on campus. This is the joint result of the ongoing managerialism that afflicts the ‘teaching factory’ at all levels, alongside the wider malaise of neo-liberal war-mongering imperialism/Border-ism evident in the current conjuncture, everywhere. The role of the university in relation to borders between people and knowledge, between different knowledges, between peoples, between students, between students who pay ‘overseas’ fees and those who pay too much (‘training’ for industrial gain, paid for by the student??) and the ever extended morale crush that afflicts staff… linked to the obsolescence of older ideas of ‘education’ in favour of opportunism and productivity… Exclusions and …racism, murder-death-kill… there is much good reason to explore these concerns in our workshop.

No Detention, No Deportation;
No Borders in Education:
Freedom of Movement for All

Migrating University, at Goldsmiths,
September 14-15th 2007;
From Goldsmiths to Gatwick. ( )

At the last meeting we had taken decisions on the date, timetable and format, five panels plus Battle of Lewisham Walk (met with them and agreed mutual co-ordination); prepared a preliminary blurb (now on CCS website [currently goldsmiths sites are down]), arranged to make a banner, booked a room, still in discussion with College over the marquee; organised with Joan Kelly to visit; linked with No Borders London and No Borders general.

Confirmed speakers so far include: Ken Fero (Injustice), David Graeber (activist anthrop), Ava Caradonna (sex worker education group), Susan Cueva (union), Sanjay Sharma (author of Multicultural Encounters), Hari Kunzru (novelist), Mao Mollona (anthropologist), Harmit Athwal (Inst Race Relations), Katherine Mann (musician), Paul Hendrich (Pirate dad) and Joan Kelly (artist).

Panels and format as it stands now [this draft is not yet confirmed]:

Friday 14th September

10.30 – Introduction, note that this is a meeting to encourage attendance at No Borders Camp at Gatwick – indicate table and meeting in evening.

10.45 -12.30 - Panel 1 - open university open source - (Brian)

12.30-2pm – Picnic on Back Field/in tent or inside if rain. 2.00-4.00 - Panel 2 - radical pedagogy/immaterial labour - (Francisco)

4.15-6.15 - Panel 3 - racism, immigration/detention, police, ‘injustice (new film promo), Inst Race Relations (Olivia)

6.15 – meeting upstairs in Goldsmiths Tavern about collective attendance at Gatwick.

7.00-9 Joan Kelly from Singapore for workshop upstairs in Tavern (food and drinks).

Saturday 15th September

10.30-12.30. Panel 4 - Teaching Factory/Critique/uses of the University (John)

12.50-2.30 Panel 5 - local campaigns, Wilberforce/pirates, Sex Workers Education campaign, trades union, Detention support (Cam)

2.30 Quick lunch

3pm-6pm - “Battle of Lewisham commemorative walk” along the route of the march/counter-protest against the National Front in 1977, including people involved at the time. At present this will start from Clifton Rise, New Cross at 3.



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