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mike wells | 11.09.2007 15:08 | Anti-militarism | London

Protest Tanks at DSEI

first tank
first tank

second tank at DSEi - it's for sale!
second tank at DSEi - it's for sale!

Police stopped Space Hijackers' first tank reaching DSEI however it turned out to be a decoy as they had a second tank which did make it to DSE5

mike wells
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Can I bid online?

11.09.2007 15:48

£20 in cash!

Do you deliver?


Tank sold for hard cash dollars

11.09.2007 15:54

After offers of first born children, human organs and property it eventually sold for just $50 as the arms dealers considered cold hard cash to be worth more than human life. Up to around 200 people are there, with the party against the arms trade continuing.


50 dolars for a tank

12.09.2007 18:08

working on our tank
working on our tank

Well well, it seems like some people thinks that we actually did sell the tank for 50 bucks...?

The buyer was actually one of the Space Hijackers and was all a performance, our tank is sane and safe somewhere in East London, waiting for the next action (as soon as we've done a bit of work on it and we get it fully road worthy).

Thanks to everyone that came to play with us, and a big thanks to the police that were so utterly oblivious of the second 80 tonne tank driving down the road behind their backs.



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