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News from the streets - SMS news during DSEi

streets | 10.09.2007 13:51 | DSEi 2007 | Anti-militarism | Other Press | Technology | London

To get news from the streets during the various protests against DSEi
text the message: follow streets
to 07624801423
you will receive a confirmation message
which you must reply to with a username of your choice.

You will not be charged to receive the news alerts but you will pay for the two texts you send to sign up.

News will be taken from the DSEi website and the indymedia newswire and sent out as SMS alerts.

All reports are limited to 140 characters. Examples of the kind of bulletins to expect or to report include:

"Five people locked on to root of train at canning town DLR, police have closed station."

"Spontaneous street party has started outside Customs House DLR, sound system and around 100 people. No police yet."

"Police road block at east end of Victoria Dock road. People being searched. Reports or arrests."

"Banner drop off roof on south side of the Excell building. Police helicopter circling above."

The system depends on people like you 'being the media' and reporting news to websites and services like indymedia. Look out for reporting numbers and remember to cover the basics - where, when, what, who, why

The SMS alert system is based on a service provided by a company in California. It's the same service used for SMS news alerts during the climate camp. The privacy policy ( states that the company would hand over information to the authorities if requested to do so. Do not sign up (or use clean phone) if you have any reason not want your phone number associated with any of the events and news likely to be covered by this service.

For more detailed without the need to subscribe your phone number, or another way to report news, consider making use of the mobile indymedia portal ( if you are able to do so.



Phone in your own reports

10.09.2007 17:05

phone 0207 043 3783 and you can record your own reports or speak to somebody who will write up a report based on what you have to say about your experiences.

it's a local rate number so no hefty charges.

a phone number for SMS reports is also being set up. more news on that soon


Text us your news

11.09.2007 01:23

You can contribute to the news alert system by replying to any of the alerts (or texting 07624801423) with a message that begins "D streets" followed by your own message. Keep your message less that 160 characters so that it sends as one text.

example - to let us know about a banner drop that you are doing with your affinity group, send text to 07624801423 with the message "D streets Five people have scaled big ben and unfurled a missile shaped banner reading 'mine is bigger than yours'"

Remember to try to include the really vital info - what, where and when

We will try to confirm all incoming news before sending it out as a news alert.

D streets

Clarification on these initiatives

11.09.2007 09:51

Just to clarify, these services do not use indymedia servers and are not run by indymedia collectives. They make use of corporate servers and communications infrastructure so the level or privacy and security possible is significantly less than that enjoyed by those who read and contribute to indymedia websites. These initiatives are run without the collective consensus based processes of indymedia and do not have the level of transparency and accountability that are hallmark of indymedia.

Having said all that, it's not an attempt to put you off using these services, it's just to make it clear that they are independent from indymedia and that using them may not be anonymous as mobile phone networks are required by law to retain all call records and sms data and provide it to the authorities on request. This doesn't mean the services should be avoided, they offer useful facilities which can not be provided by web only news services. Just understand the risks and how they might effect you personally. If you don't want the authorities or corporate interests to be able to associate you with a specific action report then do not use these services unless you are using a clean phone.


Summary of todays texts

11.09.2007 17:19

(In reverse order. Sorry, no time stamps copied here)

Most delegates thought to have left. Protesters jeering at them leaving via Canning Town DLR. Send your photos or record summary of your day

Tank now left west entrance. Cyclists heading for Canning Town. Police report 2 people arrested earlier throwing red paint at Customs House.

Lots of police around Canning Town bus and DLR station - used by DSEi delegates to leave arms fair. Police photographers on platforms.

Tank auction over. Offers included kidneys and squats but eventually sold for hard cash dollars. Party continues, all welcomed. about

Another (the 3rd?) person has been released after being arrested this morning in one of the ExCeL car parks. Keep your news coming in.

Tank auction due to start now. Send in your camera phone photos or video to

Critical Mass cyclists have just arrived at West Gate where tank will be auctioned soon. Police setting up crowd control barriers.

Report from tankgirl, "Tank auction starts 4pm ends 4.30pm. Come on down. We'll sell it to anyone, no one turned away. No questions asked!"

2nd tank parked up by west entrance (near Wikes) playing music with 30 protests and lots of cops, maybe 100. Party and auction to follow.

Around 15 cyclists cycling round and round the roundabout by Canning Town DLR followed by one police van. 2nd tank confirmed but no update.

Reports indicate that the tank being blockaded by police was a decoy and that Space Hijackers OTHER tank is now arriving at ExCeL!

Cyclists, tank drivers, searched, obstructed? Report or record your news via 02070433783 now + invite those around you to join SMS alerts.

Hijackers tank moved off after negotiation but stopped almost immediately. Police wish to carry out 'vehicle check' and search occupants.

CAAT rally / critical mass riders still gathered at Customs House. Police searching people coming off DLR. Tank still trapped Lochnagar St.

Police with four vans now blocking Space Hijackers tank. Journalist assaulted by police. Report what you experience via 02070433783

CAAT rally now taking place near Custom House DLR. Make your own report via 02070433783 or reply with text starting 'D (your news)'

The first 2 of the 20 arrested this morning in Excel car park have been released from West End Central police station without charge.

Space Hijackers preparing to move off with their tank. Police present - perhaps wanting to bid for the tank themselves when auctioned later.

80 people marching from Plaistow Park now for CAAT midday rally ExCel. singing, small samba band. few police but lots of vans in area.

Send in your own reports. Reply with message that starts "D " followed by your report or phone 0207 043 3783. thanks

Early this morning in Manchester, a group blockaded the entrance to the BAE Middleton factory, locking the gates and pouring oil on road.

Observers have been searched outside Excel complex under Sec 1 of PACE. They believe the 20 who entered earlier have all now been arrested.

20 activists entered Excel complex car park ~7.20am where delegates buses were arriving. Some were quickly caught by security and police.

A candle lit vigil has begun at Royal Victoria DLR organised by Newham faith groups, CAAT and ELAAF.

Picket at the Radisson Edwardian Mayfair Hotel, Stratton Street, W1J has started. Goes on till 6.30pm

Police van sitting outside rampART social centre, venue of yesterdays disarm DSEi conference. No police photographers reported.

Lots of cops at DLR stations around ExCel and nearby roads today. Connaught Bridge with bollards, cops and single lane each way.

from the streets