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Arms Manufacturers in Norwich Blockaded and given a Weapons Inspection

Norfolk Bob | 07.09.2007 11:22 | DSEi 2007 | Anti-militarism | Cambridge

Today at 0630am a small group of activists locked shut the gates of Norwich based arms manufacturer MSI.....

..... A low loader lorry which arrived, it is believed, to transport equipment to the DSEi arms fair was also locked on to by an activist after it forced its way through the barricade already set up. Simultaneously another small group had entered from the rear of the compound and inspected the facility, taking photos, climbing on roofs and leaving a couple of banners as a memento of their visit. They found a number of doors unlocked and equipment lying around. With all employees safely locked on the other side of the gate the inspectors were free to carry out their duties without interference from company management, who have been known to be less than cooperative in the past.

Norfolk Bob


pics of action

07.09.2007 11:43

blockading outside
blockading outside

locked on to the lowloader
locked on to the lowloader

cheeky monkeys....
cheeky monkeys....

workers were desperate to get to their jobs....
workers were desperate to get to their jobs....

pics of blockade and of inside the factory site

Norfolk Bob

Contact details

07.09.2007 13:10

Here are the contact details for MSI:


TEL: 01603 484 065
FAX: 01603 415 649

And here's how 15 million quid of British citizens' money was spent in 2005:



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