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Space Hijackers Arms Dealers

Bristly Pioneer | 06.09.2007 19:45 | DSEi 2007 | Anti-militarism | London

Information from today's Space Hijackers press conference

Artists Anonymous & Space Hijackers
Artists Anonymous & Space Hijackers

The Space Hijackers Arms Dealing at DSEi Arms Fair

Press Release

Every two years DSEi (Defence Systems & Equipment International), the worlds largest Arms fair, happens at the ExCeL centre in east London. Selling everything from up close torture weapons to long distance civilian maiming bombs, the fair offers a wide range of choice to the 20,000 delegates traveling to the fair from an assortment of corrupt regimes and often from countries at war with each other!

Previously the Space Hijackers have attempted to disrupt the fair, disguising themselves as arms dealers, boarding trains to the fair with the dealers and then attempting to sell them prosthetic limbs (arms!) and later sex toys (we figured they were a bit too obsessed with phallic objects and were perhaps compensating for a lack of weapons capabilities elsewhere).

On all previous occasions we have been escorted out of the area by the £4million worth of police who are called in to protect the delicate souls selling the weapons in the fair. This year we have decided to learn from the arms dealers themselves and take a leaf out of their book.

After several months of fundraising and receiving investment from Artists Anonymous, The Space Hijackers are now proud owners of a Saracen Mk1 tank, which we intend to drive to the arms fair, right into the mix of protesters and police. As the protesters line up against the heavily armed police, we intend to roll up and auction our tank to the highest bidder. If this so happens to be an angry teenager in a balaclava, then so be it. We don’t see how destruction caused with our tank can possibly be our responsibility.

Several people have got in touch with us claiming that this kind of behavior is slightly reckless “what if someone drives over a police car in your tank?” Our response is simple: we are simply looking to make a profit, it’s just business transaction. As with the arms dealers and their weapons, once the goods are out of our hands, how can we be held accountable for how they are used?

So ladies and gentlemen, roll up to the arms fair this September 11th and join in the bidding. We will have a promotions team on hand to make the event memorable, dancing girls and boys, music and of course a 10 tonne armored vehicle ready to be driven away!

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