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Protesters Strip Trident Bare!

NakedCyclist | 06.09.2007 16:39 | Faslane | Anti-militarism

On Wednesday afternoon a group of cheeky protesters demonstrated the naked truth about Trident by stripping off outside the gates of Faslane naval base in Scotland.

Nudes Against Nukes
Nudes Against Nukes

Naked for Peace
Naked for Peace

Wearing nothing but shoes and socks and holding placards declaring themselves “Nudes Against Nukes”, the two women and two men stood motionless outside the base where Britain’s nuclear weapons are stored.

Protester Jesse Schust, aged 35, said: “Renewing Trident is an act of naked aggression and should be recognised as such. By replacing Trident we are giving a signal to the rest of the world that possession of nuclear weapons is an effective means of protecting national security. At a time when the international community is concerned that countries such as Iran may be seeking to develop their own nuclear arsenal, the decision to replace Trident is pure hypocrisy, and utterly irresponsible.”

The naked protesters were the latest group to demonstrate at Faslane as part of “Faslane 365” – the year long campaign against Trident. The campaign gained momentum recently when the Scottish Parliament voted overwhelmingly against the replacement of Trident.

The four protestors were arrested for Breach of the Peace bringing the total number of arrest during Faslane 365 yearlong blockade of the Trident nuclear weapons base to 946.

On 1st October 2007 there will be a BIG BLOCKADE of the Faslane Naval Base, the culmination of the year of resistance to Britain’s weapons of mass destruction. Thousands are expected to shut down the base. Please come and join us!

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