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Todays smashEDO camp actions

Canvas Charlie | 30.08.2007 18:25 | Anti-militarism | Palestine

As the camp begins to draw to a close, actions continued.

This morning campers and locals were back at the Moulescombe site of EDO MBM for another noise demo between 8 and 9 am. Workers arriving at the site experienced the joys of another noisy greeting, helping them to remember that there are many people who hate the jobs that they do, and who are committed to the closure of their company. As the action drew to a close, 2 vans of cops arrived and confiscated a £1 air horn under their favourite bye-law. How proud they must be of their jobs!

In the afternoon a group travelled to nearby Shoreham-by-Sea to visit the offices of Interlink Express, a courier company that does regular work for EDO MBM. A banner was displayed, and activists chatted with workers there, explaining why the campaign exists, and why EDO MBM is not a good firm to do business with. One worker noted that they are also involved with another local arms dealer and suggested camapigners might like to vist there as well! A few police arrived, but they were from a different division and were pretty chilled.

A long debrief session was held in the camp on their return, and now all at the camp are tucking into an anarchist teapot banquet.

The guy bitten by the security dog yesterday is still in hospital, having had his operation, and the hospital wants to keep him in another night. He is reported to be well and in good spirits.

Canvas Charlie