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September Listings for Cowley Club Social Centre, Brighton

Harry Cowley | 29.08.2007 12:11 | Culture | Free Spaces | South Coast

After a month's renovation and re-organisation, the Cowley Club, Brighton's radical volunteer run social centre, is re-opening.

The vegan cafe and bookshop will be open Wednesdays, Thursday and Fridays 12-4. The Migrant English Project offers free English lessons for refugees Mondays from 1.30-3pm. The welfare rights advice drop in is every Friday, 4-5.30pm. The bar (a members' club - ask about joining!) will be open when there are events and gigs, and otherwise usually Wedsnesdays and Thursdays 7-11pm and Fridays and Saturdays 7-12pm.
New volunteers always welcome and needed, ask any of the volunteers! The next few days are also still workdays to finish up painting, decorating and cleaning, so come along if you can from 10.30-5pm each day (12-5 on Saturday).

Events in September:
Sat 1st September 8pm-1am: RE-OPENING PARTY! Cocktails, music, tapas, karaoke between 10.30-11.30 and dancing til late! Come check out the new colour of the walls and the hopefully improved everything!

Mon 3rd 6.30pm: General Meeting, all members and volunteers welcome to discuss the running of the club, new ideas etc

Tue 4th 6.30pm: Anti-Working Links meeting.

Wed 5th 7pm: Brighton Animal Action meeting.

Thu 6th 8-9pm: Evening Meal in the bar. £2.50.

Fri 7th 8pm, Gig: Valhalla Pacifists, Braindead, Fuck With Fire (hardcore punk from Harrogate and Leicester) + 1 more. £5 donation.

Sat 8th 8-11.30pm, Gig: Drive by Wire (PJ Harvey meets the Stooges, Netherlands) + Weird Load TBC (Hammond led psyche-country-noir). £4 donation.

Wed 12th 4.30pm: Cafe meeting, all volunteers and those interested in getting involved welcome!

Wed 12th 7.30pm, No Borders Public Meeting about protest camp (19-24th Sept) at Gatwick against new immigration detention centre.

Thu 13th 8-9pm: Evening Meal in the bar. £2.50.

Fri 14th 9pm-2am: In Every Home... A Heartache - A Night for Queer Mutiny. DJs and dancing. Free/donations.

Sat 15th 8pm, Gig: Jesus Brooder + more TBC. Benefit for Smash EDO. Donations.

Sun 16th 8pm, Gig: La Muria (pop punk, USA), The Ringers + 4 more TBC. £5 donation

Mon 17th 6-8pm: Innervision mental health group.

Tue 18th 5-7pm: Stop Incineration Now! Meeting to organise against the Newhaven incinerator.

Wed 19th 7pm: Brighton Animal Action meeting.

Thu 20th 8-9pm: Evening Meal in the bar. £2.50.

Tue 25th 6pm: No Borders meeting. Campaigning on migration and deportation issues.

8pm, Gig: Red Dons (ex-Observers, USA), Revisions (punk/indie). £5 donations.

Wed 26th 6.30pm: Talk on grassroots solidarity between Brighton and Palestine by a Palestinian.

Thu 27th 8-9pm, Evening Meal in the bar - Swedish specialities - £2.50.

Sat 29th 8pm, Gig: A night of folk, bluegrass and blues with Seven Languages, In Cahoots, Blackwater String Band. Benefit for Darfur.

Harry Cowley
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A yawning blank?

30.08.2007 21:33

A3 version to put on yer new painted wall?
A3 version to put on yer new painted wall?

Nothing fixed for the 11th? Is this the Cowley Club I once knew? I'll put a positive interpretation on that blank Tuesday 11th September by guessing you'll all be out on 'strike' in solidarity with those still trying to get the discrepancies of 9/11 into the mainstream consciousness.

Nothing will get better until that atrocity, admitted in October 2000 by one Nicholas Rockefeller to be 'a gigantic hoax', is finally exposed for what it really is. Carte Blanche for the NWO psychopaths profitable wars.