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Arms Company EDO Corporation Caught Censoring Wikipedia Article

Shameless leap onto a passing media bandwagon | 26.08.2007 19:28 | Anti-militarism | Terror War | South Coast | World

According the new Wikiscanner web page a computer registered as belonging to arms company EDO Corporation was used to remove sensitive information from the Wikipedia 'EDO Corporation' webpage critical of its warmongering and illegal activities in July 2006

The computer based in Huntingdon Valley,Pensylvania, at an EDO Corp subsidiary EDO Mtech was used six times to remove information critical of the company. The edits can be found at

According to Wikipedia rules companies and their employees are not supposed to edit entries about their own business.

Most of the information critical of EDO Corp is now on a seperate page entitled 'Criticism of EDO Corporation'

The news comes on the eve of the start of the third anti-war protest action camp to be set up in a park close to EDO MBM Technology Ltd, Home farm Road, Brighton, The UK subsidiary of EDO Corp.

Shameless leap onto a passing media bandwagon
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