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Release: Successful 24 hours of climate action culminates in an action blitz

Climate Camp | 20.08.2007 11:53 | Climate Camp 2007 | Climate Chaos

A press release from the Camp For Climate Action has summarised the actions of the previous 24 hours.

Press Release 20th August 2007

Immediate Release

Successful 24 hours of climate action culminates in an action blitz

The twenty four hours of direct action against climate change which began yesterday at noon has culminated in a flurry of direct actions throughout England. As previously stated, none of the actions were intended to disrupt passengers, but instead, targeted the corporations who profit from climate chaos. Meanwhile, the mass siege of BAA national headquarters has forced its closure, and continues.

During the week there have been over 71 arrests and a dozen actions.

The targets of the action blitz include carbon offset companies which were occupied by protesters dressed as red herrings. Fifteen have occupied the offices of Climate Care in Oxford. Ten have leafleted the offices of the Carbon Neutral Company in London. Carbon offsetting is a scheme allowing companies and consumers to pay in order to supposedly neutralize their carbon emissions. “Carbon offsets are ineffective, based on dubious science and lead people to believe they are helping when they are not – the concept and the practice are a con,” said Sophie Nathan, who is taking part in the Carbon Neutral Company action.

Five protesters are in a concrete lock on outside Sizewell A and B nuclear power station. Their banner declares, “Nuclear power is not the answer to climate chaos.” Twelve protesters have superglued themselves to the entrance at BP headquarters. They are highlighting BPs essential role in the aviation industry. Protester Stanley Owen said “We cannot sustain infinite growth on a planet with finite resources” Eighteen protesters occupied the office of the owners of Leeds airport, Bridgepoint Capital, on Warwick Street in London.

In Harmondsworth village around five hundred protesters, consisting of locals as well as climate camp participants, gathered to listen John McDonnell Labour MP for Hayes and Harlington. He told the government that the third runway will not be built.

Dr. Kevin Anderson, Research director of the Tyndall Centre of Manchester University phoned the Camp for Climate Action saying, “Tyndall Centre Research clearly demonstrates that the government cannot reconcile current aviation growth with it's stated position on climate change. Even with the latest more efficient aircraft, the climate change imperative demands that air travel growth be severely curtailed. The government can no longer have its cake and eat it. If it's genuinely serious about climate change it must show meaningful leadership to rein in aviation expansion”

Protesters had worn copies of the Tyndall Report on their hands during the mass action, carrying a banner reading, “We are armed....only with peer-reviewed science”

Late on Sunday evening, BA World Cargo depot was blockaded for about four and a half hours by eight protestors locked to each other.

Notes to Editor

The Camp for Climate Action can be contacted at +44 (0) 777 286 1099 or +44 (0) 7858 177 178

Participants from the Carbon offsetting action can be contacted at 07812 049 545 (London) or 07746 711 667 (Oxford)

Copyright free photos from the Sizewell Nuclear Power station action are available from: Media can also contact 01603 722898 Peter Lanyon (offsite) or 07971 347549 Mell Harrison (part of the blockade)

Protester Stanley Owen of the BP headquarters action can be contacted at +44 (0) 7909 651 093. In spite of BP’s greenwash campaign, BP provides one third of Heathrow’s fuel.

For information on the occupation of Bridgepoint Capital contact Geoff on 07927949802. The occupiers carried a banner reading “Yorkshire’s floodin ya daft pudding” and handed out Yorkshire puddings. They spoke with James Murray, Head of Investments and made the following demands:-

1. No expansion of Leeds-Bradford Airport
2. In fact, shut down Leeds-Bradford airport,
3. And while you’re at it, use the £150m given by Leeds council to turn the land into an eco park.


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