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Press Release - Climate activists blockade Heathrow freight depot

fruity | 20.08.2007 00:24 | Climate Camp 2007 | Climate Chaos | Globalisation | London

19th August 2007, 21:30

At 21:00, eight protesters from the Camp for Climate Action have blockaded British Airways’ World Cargo Depot at Hatton Cross, outside Heathrow Airport.

The protesters blockaded vehicle access by locking themselves together in a ring with ‘arm tubes’.

British Airways handle air freighted foodstuffs, which are a rapidly growing source of greenhouse gas emissions. Air freighting of food to UK grew by 140% between 1992 and 2002. Air freighted food amounts to 14% of total food-related CO2 emissions.

The protesters claim that importing fruit and vegetables from developing countries encourages unsustainable farming practices, uses scarce water resources and keeps farmers locked into a cycle of poverty, competing for ever lower prices.

Anna Kay, one of the blockaders said, “We in the UK need to move to eating locally produced and organic food instead of supporting this energy intensive and environmentally destructive industry”.

The blockade was organised by an independent group of activists who have been taking part in the Camp for Climate Action.

Notes to editor:

Arm Tubes are lengths of tube into which two protesters put their arms and lock themselves together.

Blockaders on location can be contacted on 07798 745613.

Camp Press Group can be contacted on 0777 286 1099 or 07858 177178



Cut energy - cut costs

20.08.2007 10:19

The article is spot on. There's no need to import as much food as we are at the moment. The more people who grow their own the less need there is to transport.

One or two people go one about air transport using less energy than heating greenhouse. Maybe it does, but we were eating fresh food all winter before air transport was invented.

People who claim to be combating climate change whilst arguing in favour of transporting food around the globe are being hypocritical.