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Armed only with peer reviewed science...

mini mouse | 19.08.2007 17:30 | Climate Camp 2007 | Climate Chaos | London

Two marches left Climate Camp this afternoon, Kids Block and Peer Reviewed Science.

As the press conference was being held several hundred campers arrived with banners reading "We are armed only with peer reviewed science" a clear reference to their peaceful intent. On leaving the camp for the lane they were predictably surrounded by an hysterical police presence.

Shortly after followed the Kids Block. "The kids are revolting" and "You fly, we die" were typical slogans as they marched off to Harmondsworth village only to be kettled by police for an indeterminate amount of time. Given the option to return to camp or visit BAA some chose to do so - at 6.15 they were pushed into the kettle at the rear.

mini mouse
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