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Audio recording of Climate Camp panel discussion - with star George Monbiot

imc chatshows | 19.08.2007 12:57 | Climate Camp 2007 | Climate Chaos | London

This panel discussion happened during an evening at the Climate Camp. It's an hour or varied thoughts about the present and future of climate science and what our response should be to it. The panelists are Oli and Sophie involved in the Climate camp set up, Richard from CAT and George Monbiot.

Listen in and feel free to retransmit this audio.

It's an interesting and fair discussion that looks at where our focus should be in trying to come up with clear responses to the challenge of Climate Change.

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George monbiot star?

19.08.2007 15:18

Whose star is George Monbiot? Public school educated self promoting media whore!

Aunty Christ

Does it work?

19.08.2007 15:57

I'm just getting silence when I try to play this on my computer, either by clicking on it or downloading the MP3.. does it work?


Turn the volume up.

20.08.2007 19:04

You just need to turn the volume up. Be careful though when people suddenly start to cheer it's a tsunami of sound coming your way.



20.08.2007 22:07

haha.. turns out that it's recorded in stereo, but only for the right channel, and my dodgy speakers only play the left.. have got it working now anyway - i had to leave halfway through the talk, so now i can finally hear the rest!


"I'm trying to be realistic..."

21.08.2007 19:45

"Much as I'd love to see thing being done as a social transformation..."

Moonbat is essentially defending the status quo in this audio file, he considers that there is no time for social change, what is needed is a massive infrastructure investment involving solar arrays in the Sahara and a DC electricty grid for Europe, something he has written about in the Grunaid.,,2116989,00.html

The other speakers are far better and at least Moonboots isn't advocating more nuclear power... yet...

Georgeous Moonbat

Did anyone record the session afterwards?

31.08.2007 11:37

I don't suppose anyone recorded the (extremely long) question and answer session in the London tent afterwards? It went into a lot more detail than the panel discussion and was one of the best talks I've ever been at. Would love to hear it again there was a lot to think about.

Just cos everyone else is slagging him off- George is a star as far as I am concerned, one of my greatest heroes. Yeah he has his human faults and can be irritatingly self-aggrandising but who cares, I don't want to marry him, just want to listen to him talk about politics- he always makes more sense than everyone else.