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video of a group leaving the climate camp site on day of action

imc actions | 19.08.2007 11:14 | Climate Camp 2007 | Climate Chaos | London

A quick video of a group leaving the climate camp on the day of action. There are some fully colourful "shields" with the images of young people from the global south leading the group.

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imc actions


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MP4 woes

19.08.2007 11:52

i'm struggling with the MP4 format using windows media player, Div X and Real Player. Any tips?


MP4 Compatible Software

19.08.2007 12:38

Can't see why you are having problems with that setup Pete. There is a list of compatible software on wikipedia but it's probably simplest to install Quicktime if you have plenty of disk space to waste.

- Homepage:

VLC plays everything

19.08.2007 12:45

The VideoLan player has managed to play every type of video file I've thrown at it, even ones where I don't know what the file is.

If you have a USB stick, you can get a portable version ( to if you can't install software onto the computer you're using.

- Homepage: