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travel centres shut up shop for climate camp

bike bagels | 18.08.2007 17:38 | Climate Camp 2007 | Climate Chaos | London

Travel agents were the target of an action involving chaining the doors of various travel centres in central London. Signs were placed on the doors of each shop (see attached).

To highlight the guilt of the climate criminals that are the travel industry, a group of climate activists chained the doors of 6 travel centres in central London, leaving a notice stating shops would be closed for the duration of the camp. This action took place on the night of Friday 17th August; the six targets included STA travel who are responsible for encouraging young people to buy 'around the world tickets' which comprise of taking several long haul flights over a short period of time, leading to reckless co2 emissions. Thomas Cook and 'The Flight Centre' were also targeted.

This action was taken by an independent affinity group keen to highlight the need for the travel industry to wake up to the effects aviation has on the planet.

bike bagels


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18.08.2007 19:47

with reflections in windows ;-)

nice work BTW............

silent bob