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Police force climate camp march to Heathrow airport and block A4...

info from camp | 15.08.2007 19:49 | Climate Camp 2007 | Climate Chaos | London

Just a quick report to say that today a small march of around 80 people left from the climate camp to support a local demonstration against heathrow expansion. They were very quickly surrounded by over one hundred police - having just left the camp this happened in what could be called a side street - then quite inexplicably the police forced the group down several streets towards the airport. Still penned in on all side by police, they were then forced across the main A4 road (which police closed for some time before forcing the people across it) and then right up to the security fence of Heathrow where they were held for over one hour.

Several eye witnesses have described how police were very heavy handed from the outset, throwing people who said they did not want to join the march into their cordon. Parents were seperated from children as police officers literally threw people into the crowd who were surrounded. Five people I've spoken to said that they would not engage in any discussion and were screaming at people and even making jibes such as 'you have no rights here' before roughly shoving people into the penned in crowd.

Many people pointed out that the mainstream media were there filming, but they suspect that the whole incident may be portreyed as 'the protestors disrupting air travellers' or 'police foil attempt to block heathrow' or 'protestors cause traffic chaos'.

Let's see...

As to the protest by local campaigners, no one ever found it...

info from camp


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