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Climate Camp Land Occupied

mini mouse | 12.08.2007 00:40 | Climate Camp 2007 | Climate Chaos | London

Climate Camp activists met at a half dozen locations around London this afternoon, moving during the evening in vans to various sites near Heathrow.

Just after eleven the groups converged on a large field opposite the airport. Within minute tripods were erected and occupied with a large banner reading "Climate Camp, No Airport Expansion" slung between the two.

Tripods over the camp (1)
Tripods over the camp (1)

Tripods over the camp (2)
Tripods over the camp (2)

Tents go up
Tents go up

First police foray
First police foray

Amateur FIT team give it their best shot
Amateur FIT team give it their best shot

By 11.30 a hundred or so people were on the Sipson Lane site
( , half way between Sipson and Harlington villages. Vans were being quickly unloaded, tape was marking out the barrios and tents were being erected. Despite the pitch darkness kitchens were being organised and a village began to take place.

Midnight saw the arrival of the first police - does overtime kick in at a higher rate after the witching hour? Five vans lined up outside the west gate, a couple more outside the east gate and several saloons denoting the presence of senior officers.

A phalanx of cops poured on to the site and demanded to speak to the leaders. A quick call out for people to the main gate seemed to overwhelm them and they beat a hasty retreat back to the vans, a fairly low grade FIT team videoing and stumbling over the bracken as it went.

The mood on the site is one of great elation. After months of planning and anticipation the day has finally arrived and the site is taken.

mini mouse


how beautifully well done

12.08.2007 07:20

top to see the start of a beautiful movement...once again let the walls of babylon tremble to the music of many voices...may the climate camp 2007 be a space of healing on the wounds of the


photo etiquette

12.08.2007 08:59

nice to see it all seems to be running smoothly so far, and thanks for the report...but, obvious word of caution, we don't need to see people's faces in photos. it only takes a couple of minutes to blur them. leave identifying people to the FIT, eh?

stay at home mum


12.08.2007 09:45

It's been suggested (Usenet) that the land being used for the camp is with the permission and agreement of the Landowner. Is this true? Be interesting, if it is, to see how much force the Police use to move people who have permission to be there ......... :)


Derek Palfrey

well done!

12.08.2007 09:52

Thank you! You've put a big wide grin on my face this morning - great to see piccies of the big fat doubledecker tripods and marquees going up. Fantastic site location too. We're gonna have fun!!! See you all down there very shortly for an inspiring week of doing it ourselves!

big grin cat


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12.08.2007 14:49

This is the sort of inspiring action that lifts my liddl'ol heart. Well done everyone involved - it must have been a knackering night, but paves the way for everyone else to come and make the camp an amazing movement for change. x

On my way


13.08.2007 12:01

Thanks to your bravery and courage our mission has begun. Thankyou all, and see you there.
What a wonderful way to start the week!

bonzo doodog

Landowner permission

13.08.2007 22:23

I don't think Imperial (owners of the land) would give permission, they're far too close to the government. (Engineering Union news website) has a quote:
“Any person who gains access to and/or occupies these fields is doing so unlawfully and should vacate the field”
-- Imperial College statement on the occupation

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