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Solidarity at Campsfield

transmitter | 31.07.2007 18:12 | Migration | Oxford

The following statement was read out to a representative of the Campaign to Close Campsfield this afternoon at 5.30 with the request that it be distributed to the media. There will possibly be a
solidarity demo outside Campsfield House detention centre, Oxfordshire, tomorrow at 6pm.

"You will remember that there was a mass protest at Campsfield IRC in March this year. The report, commissioned by the government, by Mr Whalley into that protest and another at Harmondsworth detention centre near Heathrow last December was published last week. It found grave shortcomings at the two centres and predicted further protests unless big changes were made at the centres.

Campsfield is a profit-making enterprise run by GEO (Global Expertise in Outsourcing)’ - under
contract to the government."

[Statement by detainees at Campsfield House:]

"Detainees at Campsfield will be having a sit-out protest at 11.45 tonight 31 July 2007, followed by a hunger strike tomorrow.

Newport immigration court, which is used for bail hearings and appeals involving Campsfield detainees, is very discriminatory compared to other courts in the UK: the bail application and appeal success rate there is less than 5%.

Living conditions for detainees are appalling. Campsfield is a health hazard with 70% infection with flu. Paracetomol is the only medicine made available; two weeks ago even this ran out. Campsfield was rife with scabies, but only staff were issued with gloves. Although detainees are held civil detainees, not convicted prisoners or prisoners on remand, food, toilets and showers are a lot worse than in prisons. Some detainees are being held even though they have won an appeal against deportation. Others have clearly stated that they want to go back to their country of origin but have still been waiting in Campsfield for months."



South Wales indeed

31.07.2007 21:31

Columbus House
Langstone Business Park
Chepstow Road
NP18 2LX

Judge Dread


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Newport, South Wales?

31.07.2007 20:44

Is the Newport referred to in the article above, the city of Newport, South Wales?