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EDO MBM action in Brighton

State of Emergency Brighton | 31.07.2007 17:04 | DSEi 2007 | Anti-militarism | London | South Coast

EDO MBM were visited on Sunday as part of the two days of action against the arms trade called for by Disarm DSEi. It was thought their Brighton factory needed to be made secure from those who work there, so D-locks were put on the gates and super glue was applied to the locks. Additionally, it was thought that the building could do with some redecoration and relabelling. So "EDO Kill for $" and "Stop the War Machine" can now be read on the walls.

Apparently others had had the same idea (great minds think alike!) as there was already a D-lock on one of the gates when people got there.

Brighton-based EDO MBM is a wholly owned subsidiary of EDO Corp, a US-based arms multinational that is currently number 10 on the Forbes 100 list of fastest growing companies. EDO's military products include bomb racks, release clips and arming mechanisms for warplanes. They have contracts with the UK Ministry of 'Defence' and US arms giant Raytheon relating to the release mechanisms of the Paveway bomb system. EDO MBM's supply of weapons systems for the illegal aggression and subesquent war crimes committed in Iraq and elsewhere makes their directors war criminals.

State of Emergency Brighton


nice one

02.08.2007 17:53

just in case some people are confused this is a picture of EDO' s other factory in fishersgate, home of EDO MBM Flexible Circuits makes flexible circuits for various weapons systems.