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Chem-trails NOT Contrails!

Paul T | 31.07.2007 10:08 | Analysis | Climate Chaos | Health | World

This image shows that it is not from the exaust of the engine but from the wings that the spray lines are being sprayed from. look closely and you can see the lines from the wings:

Paul T
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Contrail NOT NOT NOT Chemtrails

31.07.2007 10:43

I get so sick of these constant postings by conspiracy nuts on Indymedia. Let me explian to you how contrails work - Obviously, at the height a plane reaches, there is large amounts of moisture in the air in such quantities that it will eventually form a sizeable mass. A plane is designed to streamline that moisture down the wings where is is chanelled from the wing at a single, convienient place.
I say to you the same thing I say to all conspiracy nuts - stop making things to complicated. Instead of cooking up crackpot stories about chemtrails controlling our minds, look at how are minds are already subtely controlled my the news media, advertisers and marketing exectutives.
Instead of trying to look for scraps of remote controlled missile scraps (or whatver the fuck your saying now) in the wrekage of the twin towers, look back at history, which shows that americas brutal foriegn policy over the last half century practically made sure that one set of brown people or another would eventually blow the crap out of something American.
Behind each conspiracy is a much simpler truth, and I often find that people who fixate on inventing insane conspiracy stories spend all their time ranting online, and no time actually attempting to confront and defeat the problems facing society such as capitalist globalisation, a biased corporate media and the destruction of the environment.
Heres a conspiracy theory for you. I reckon the government actually starts these crazy theories to keep certain people fixated on digging deeper and deeper into the 'conspiracy' rather than getting involved in productive, beneficial activism.

Oh, and the reason it looks like a missile hole in the pentagon is that when a plane hits a wall at massive speeds, the largest bulk is going to have the most impact - the wings would have folded like tinfoil - end of story!

(A) Sab x

But there's Chemtrails

31.07.2007 11:24

BECAUSE I SAID SO! HAHAHA! If you say anymore about us conspiricy nuts, we'll come up with a conspiricy about you!

Otherwise, well said (A)Sab - these people have had one trip too many.

Monkey Nut

urrrr tooo complicated....

31.07.2007 11:40

...I don't understand aerodynamics.

I much prefer to imagine that airport ground staff, engineers and pilots across the globe are conspiring to fit chemical spraying devices to the wings of complex vehicles so that they can spray us with mind control chemicals from miles above the ground because putting them in the water supply isn't possible because you would have to cover-up the results of the water safety analysis and anyway not everybody drinks water from the tap.

Paul Pot


31.07.2007 11:48

the thing i find funny about conspiracy nuts is how they can talk about things with such authority, and make themselves sound like they know so much on the subject, when in fact they know FUCK ALL!!


Clean your double glazing!

31.07.2007 19:33

That photo is obviously shot through double glazing!
That's why there's a double image of the plane wings.
Looks like someone's been dribbling on the glass.
I recommend a squeegee followed by newsprint for gleaming windows!


“Chemtrails” do exist.

31.07.2007 20:48

The MoD have already admitted spraying large swathes of the UK with chemicals in previous years to allegedly simulate a terrorist attack, so it has happened before (see “zinc cadmium particles trial” ) although the MoD have refused to say whether they are still carrying out these types of trials.

And let’s not forget “cloud salting” which has absolutely nothing to do with salt. Remember how Russia salted clouds to allow Paul McCartney to be able to sing Good Day Sunshine in an open air concert without it raining on the audience? Of course it must have cause an unexpected downpour elsewhere.

If the technology is there to allow chemicals to be sprayed from high up the air there is a very good chance someone will use it for one reason or other.

Besides didn’t the US admit to spraying mind altering chemical on entire communities back in the 70s? The same ‘crazies’ are running the US now, so who knows what the fuck they get up to. The phrase “Gay Bomb” ring any bells? I wonder how they intended dropping that on unsuspecting victims? Gee I wonder if they may have run any trials on their Gay Bomb and/or other such crazy ideas?

I'm keeping an open mind about it.