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The Nuclear Weapons Lab Bombing Range

Bob Nichols, Project Censored Award Winner | 29.07.2007 22:10 | Anti-militarism | Ecology | World

Massive Radioactive Explosions are routinely conducted at Site 300

San Francisco Bay is in Background
San Francisco Bay is in Background

The bottom picture is an actual dirty bomb explosion.
The bottom picture is an actual dirty bomb explosion.

(San Francisco) - Like the bully who says "I'm going to do it anyway and there is nothing you can do about it," the huge federal government protected Lawrence Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab refiled their "application" to increase radioactive bombing at Site 300 eight times.

The danger of the radioactive bombings at Site 300 is that people, plants and animals will absorb the tiny but deadly pieces of radioactive uranium released in the bombings. The Nuclear Weapons Lab's Bombing Range is in the open air and near the San Francisco Bay Area and San Jose's ten million people.

The so-called "depleted" uranium is the same US/UK Expeditionary Forces bombed and shot up Afghanistan, Kosovo and Iraq with in the past fifteen years. Complete studies show the uranium is about 75% as powerfully radioactive as "natural" uranium. That is still very radioactive. Depleted it is not.

Retired nuclear weapons lab physicist Marion Fulk says the submicron sized ceramic uranium aerosols are good for "killing lots of people." The kill/maim factor of 10,000 people per ton of uranium is used by the British government's MI6 Department to calculate projected Iraqi causalities. The San Francisco Bay Area's past causalities are about 230,000 people.

Deadly uranium gas does not discriminate: men, women and children are all contaminated. Tiny unborn babies, the aged and the infirm are affected most. Marin County, in the Bay Area, experienced the highest breast cancer rate in the world in the 1990s as a result. The San Francisco Chronicle said the breast cancer rate was twice what it "should" be.

The nuclear weapons lab just kept right on exploding massive amounts of cancer inducing radioactive munitions at Site 300 near San Francisco.

Now the nuclear weapons lab demands the right to increase the deadly radioactive uranium "dirty" bomb open air detonations by Eight times. The projected number of people killed or maimed in the Bay area would be one million eight hundred thousand (1,840,000) over a similar period of time as the already dead 230,000.

That is a lot of people who have to die because the nuclear weapons lab is too lazy to detonate the models of their precious global thermonuclear weapons underground.

The "deal with the devil" that the "Bay Area city fathers" made 60 years ago to snag the big highly prized payroll of the nuclear weapons labs' has mushroomed from a modest "human sacrifice" of 230,000 men, women and children to a deal breaking One Point Eight Million.

That is just too many people to sacrifice to the nuclear weapons labs and their hyper inflated claims of "national security." The deal is off as far as I am concerned. I demand to know "Why do we have to "sacrifice" anyone?"

Why don't all the law enforcement officers and District Attorneys with their cushy tax payer funded positions in the Bay Area do their job! This is random Premeditated Murder by the psychopathic killers at the nuclear weapons labs! Throw them in the slammer!

Dr Ernest Sternglass of the University of Pittsburgh was invited by President John Kennedy to talk to the US Senate in 1962 and was instrumental in the passage of the Partial Nuclear Test Ban Treaty that banned above ground thermonuclear detonations.

If they put the big nukes underground in 1962 why can't the nuclear weapons labs detonate the models of the big nukes underground in 2007? Or, are they trying to kill San Franciscans for some weird, nerdy experiment?

What other reason could there be to continue and even increase open air radioactive detonations near San Francisco? Enough is enough. It is time these monsters paid with prison time or are executed for the mass murderers they are.
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