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To the Huffington Post

Jeff Fisher | 28.07.2007 21:58 | Indymedia | Iraq | Palestine | London | World

The truth must prevail and I Jeff Fisher will not let all those that have died due to 9-11 be forgotten about. BAYPOINT SCHOOL

To the Huffington Post
by Jeff Fisher Saturday July 28, 2007 at 02:52 PM

The truth must prevail and I Jeff Fisher will not let all those that have died due to 9-11 be forgotten about. BAYPOINT SCHOOL

As U.S. Rebuilds, Iraq Won’t Act on Finished Work

As U.S. Rebuilds, Iraq Won’t Act on Finished Work


Published: July 28, 2007

Iraq’s national government is refusing to take possession of thousands of American-financed reconstruction projects, forcing the United States either to hand them over to local Iraqis, who often lack the proper training and resources to keep the projects running, or commit new money to an effort that has already consumed billions of taxpayer dollars.

I, Jeff Fisher have already spoken with the Iraqi Embassy last
September 11th regarding peace in the region. I even wrote about it
to get out of prison to Judge Alexander Williams. I read an email
about 44 people that Hillary Clinton had taken part in getting eliminating.
The problem was that Agent Hardin was attached to Ms. Clinton and I.
Agent Hardin has been assigned to me since July 7th 2006.
You see I am the Pro Life-Pro Peace Democrat who ran against
the disgraced Congressman Mark Foley in 2004.

I am the man who uncovered and exposed the absolute evidence regarding BayPoint School. However it has angered many people
because it involves Zionists, American and Israeli. It also involves the Mossad and the British. What am I supposed to do? Be like all other
politicians and lie about the truth. No Way!

I want people to understand that if it was their family that had a child die at BayPoint School would they still want it to be covered up?

I didn’t find out about Hillary Clinton’s direct involvement with BayPoint School from 1997 till early last year. I was endorsed by this woman in 2004.

I am an honest man who writes peace plans. I have visited 44 embassies in the past ten days and now I have three, not two that
are ready to boycott Israel on an International economic level.
It does not have to happen but they are a police state just like our nation and Great Britain is.

I am going to post here the evidence list again and pray that this time Huffington Post does not censure it again.

Mr. Fitzgerald is getting tired of this. I have
thousands of black families in Washington DC watching my progress and they will take
to the streets. I am a man of peace but the death of 35 black teenagers that I had to see photos of rotting and decaying in a locked room
somewhere on the premises of BayPoint School resides in my soul and memory forever. How can anyone tell me that is not an atrocity?
Why do so many think its ok to kill innocent black kids for the name of stolen elections and 9-11?

I asked that question at the Holocaust Museum earlier this week and 50% of the people replied that it’s not ok. 50%! WOW!

I am at least partially happy that American Jews are seeing the light. My ex wife, who is a Zionist told me to leave BayPoint alone.

Well I think that is wrong. My children were threatened but because they live in Palm Beach County they remain safe with their mother.

Last night I met a nice Jewish student at the University of Maryland who was very concerned about the atrocities that Olmert is overseeing in Israel.

I told him to pray and let me do my job of testifying against Vice President Richard B Cheney, Karl Rove, Michael Chertov
and Alberto Gonzales regarding the direct connection of the American Turkish Council and BayPoint School.

I look forward to serving the United States as its first Secretary of Peace under President Albert Arnold Gore Jr
and Vice President Cynthia McKinney
when Constitutional Crisis happens.

Next year America will have elections done completely on paper so a true audit trail is established. It can be done.

My friend Ron Paul is already facing censuring from the Zionist movement also. Are they going to go after all those who know the truth?

My friend Dennis Kucinich is such a fine human being and so are Senator Edward Kennedy and Congressman Patrick Kennedy.

In other words are you going to let this sadistic form of governing to continue and possibly destroy the Kennedy family more?

Stop in the name of GOD. STOP THE KILLINGS.
I uncovered the absolute truth and America can end the war ASAP and become a
true Nation of Peace, Liberty, Equality and Prosperity for all.

Israel has never ratified its constitution, 59 years and counting.

Why? Zionism, not Democracy exists. I have had so many people say that they want me dead. Come to DC and show your face.

I also have so many people praying for me to succeed for the sake of ending bloodshed.

I will not go away and I am very visible in Washington DC. If you like I am very willing to speak very soon with the Israeli Embassy on neutral grounds.

I prefer Starbucks.

Click here to see evidence
Now click her to see more

I have a clear conscious for telling the absolute truth.

The Reach of War
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The conclusions, detailed in a report released Friday by the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction, a federal oversight agency, include the finding that of 2,797 completed projects costing $5.8 billion, Iraq’s national government had, by the spring of this year, accepted only 435 projects valued at $501 million. Few transfers to Iraqi national government control have taken place since the current Iraqi government, which is frequently criticized for inaction on matters relating to the American intervention, took office in 2006.
The United States often promotes the number of rebuilding projects, like power plants and hospitals, that have been completed in Iraq, citing them as signs of progress in a nation otherwise fraught with violence and political stalemate. But closer examination by the inspector general’s office, headed by Stuart W. Bowen Jr., has found that a number of individual projects are crumbling, abandoned or otherwise inoperative only months after the United States declared that they had been successfully completed. The United States always intended to hand over projects to the Iraqi government when they were completed.
Although Mr. Bowen’s latest report is primarily a financial overview, he said in an interview that it raised serious questions on whether the problems his inspectors had found were much more widespread in the reconstruction program.
The process of transferring projects to Iraq “worked for a while,” Mr. Bowen said. But then the new government took over and installed its finance minister, Bayan Jabr, who has been a continuing center of controversy in his various government posts and is formally in charge of the transfers.
“After Mr. Jabr took over, that process ceased to function,” Mr. Bowen said.
In fact, in the first two quarters of 2007, Mr. Bowen said, his inspectors found significant problems in all but 2 of the 12 projects they examined after the United States declared those projects completed.
In one of the most recent cases, a $90 million project to overhaul two giant turbines at the Dora power plant in Baghdad failed after completion because employees at the plant did not know how to operate the turbines properly and the wrong fuel was used. The additional power is critically needed in Baghdad, where residents often have only a few hours of electricity a day.
Because the Iraqi government will not formally accept projects like the refurbished turbines, the United States is “finding someone at the local level to handle the project, handing them the keys and saying, ‘Operate and maintain it,’ ” another official in the inspector general’s office said.
If the pace of the American rebuilding program is a guide, those problems could quickly accelerate: So far, the United States has declared that $5.8 billion in American taxpayer-financed projects have been completed, but most of the rest of the projects within a $21 billion rebuilding program that Mr. Bowen examined in the report are expected to be finished by the end of this year. Some of that money is also being used to train and equip Iraqi security forces rather than finance construction projects.
The report was released too late in the day to contact Mr. Jabr, who is part of a Shiite alliance in charge of the government. In his previous position as interior minister, he was accused of running Shiite death squads out of the ministry. In his current position he has developed a reputation as being slow to release budget money to Iraqi government entities, which would have to run the new projects at substantial expense.
He is sometimes suspected of seeking to use his position to undermine the government of Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki, who is also a Shiite but answers to a different faction within the alliance. In interviews, Mr. Jabr has rejected those accusations and says he strongly supports the government.

Jeff Fisher
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