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BNP get licence for RWB

Party Pooper | 27.07.2007 09:18 | Stop the BNP's Red White and Blue festival | Anti-racism

The BNP have been sucessful in a licencing application for their bizarre "Red, White and Blue" Festival (RWB), to be held in south Derbyshire from 3rd-5th August. This means they can sell alcohol and have amplified music etc. The application was passed despite overwhelming local opposition , mostly because the police did not object.

The RWB is the BNP's annual attempt to look wholesome and legitimate, by marketing it as a patriotic summer fete (with a ferris wheel and dodgems!!)...until eveyone gets pissed and starts the white power singsongs, that is! I won't waste time banging on about what a nauseating event this shite is.....but you could object to the council if you want. The RWB is to be held on 20 acres of land adjoining The Bungalow, Codnor Denby Lane, Denby Village, Ripley, Derbyshire, DE5 8PT, which is owned by a local BNP parish councillor, Mr. Warner.

Please email, and the licencing officer, Mr. Lambert ( to ask why they are allowing this racist antisocial rally to be granted a licence in the face of unanimous local opposition. There will also be activities planned that weekend - watch this space!

PS. We have also discovered that the BNP will be holding their "Summer School" (the mind boggles!) at the same location the previous weekend , ie.28-29th July.

Party Pooper


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