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Appeal by Sri Lankan Tamils on hunger strike, detained at Haslar IRC

Haslar Tamil detainees on hunger strike/ repost | 24.07.2007 14:02 | Migration | Repression

While the Sri Lankan government is engaged in bombing, killing, torturing and terrifying into leave its Tamil citiziens, the UK government is sending them back to genocide.

Appeal by Sri Lankan detainees at Haslar IRC

Hunger strike against deportations and removals

We are Sri Lankan Tamil asylum seekers presently detained at Haslar
Immigration Removal Centre, No: 2, Dolphin Way, Gosport PO12 2AW.

We are on hunger strike since 22 July 2007 and we wish to make the
following appeal:

1) Please do not forcibly return us to Sri Lanka until peace has
returned to Sri Lanka or at least until the Country Guidance case on
Sri Lanka [LP (Sri Lanka) AA/07365/2005] is promulgated by the Asylum
and Immigration Tribunal because all our cases had been rejected
based on the outdated Country Guidance Case on Sri Lanka namely TJ
(Sri Lanka) (2002) UKIAT 01860] which was published in June 2002, 4
months after the signing of the ceasefire agreement which broke down
in August 2005.

2) Please immediately release us from detention and allow us to
stay with our families, relatives and friends until all our cases
have been reviewed by the Home Office.

3) Please urge the Sri Lankan authorities to stop torturing Mr.
Sivarupan who is being detained by the Sri Lankan authorities in
Negombo Prison since he was returned by the UK Government to Sri
Lanka on 18 July 2007 and urge the Sri Lanka authorities to release
him from Negombo Prison in Sri Lanka immediately.

4) Please urge the Sri Lankan authorities to investigate the
killing of a Sri Lankan Tamil at Colombo airport on 14 September 2006
who was deported by the UK Government.

Haslar Tamil detainees on hunger strike/ repost