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Why no coverage of the Nadeem Khan death?

Dixon of Dock Green | 20.07.2007 15:32 | Repression | Social Struggles

Nadeem Khan died in police custody on Saturday 30th June, since then there's been a big march through Burnley against police brutality - how come indymedia's not picked up on any of this?

On Saturday 30th June, Nadeem Khan was arrested and taken to Burnley Police Station. He was confirmed dead at Burnley General Hospital. The following Saturday, 1,000 people (according to the Burnley Express, which doesn't really seem that likely to exaggerate) marched through Burnley to demand answers from the police. There seems to have been no coverage of any of this on indymedia, surely someone who lives in Burnley and knows more about it than I do could contribute some more info?

Dixon of Dock Green


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