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Assault on Pauline Campbell by Police

Tippa Naphtali (4WardEver) | 20.07.2007 11:14 | Repression | Social Struggles | Birmingham | London

Pauline Campbell, the mother of Sarah Campbell ( was assaulted by police officers as she protested the death of yet another woman in prison custody.

Picture: Guido Reports
Picture: Guido Reports

Prison protesters clash with police outside jail
13th July 2007

Tempers frayed as police and prisons campaigners grappled outside Holloway women's prison on Monday. The demonstration took place outside the jail, in Parkhurst Road, following the death of Marie Cox, 34, last month from self-inflicted injuries.
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Tippa Naphtali (4WardEver)
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Lets all work together

08.08.2007 22:27

I fully respect Pauline's right to protest. But perhaps she should turn her protesting to lobbying parliament on drugs law's and the reason her daughter was in prison in the first place. Let's not discriminate about who should go to prison, if you've committed acrime, expect to go there, male or female..... Prison's are not supposed to be nice places to go , that's the point. Unfortunately, drug addicts don't care about consequences, so prison is an occupational hazard. The government need to clamp down on drug dealers and help addicts.

Police officers have more important things to be doing, like catching these drug dealers, robbers, burglars and rapists. Peaceful protests are a fantastic way of getting your point across, but lets not take it too far otherwise it makes a mockery of the system..........

James Wilford
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Unaceptable police conduct

11.05.2008 20:55

I write to commend the courage and integrity shown by Mrs campbell as she consistently
campaigns for change and the need to bring compassion and care to the way people caught in prison are treated. Many of those who self harm and take their lives in prison are on remand and therefore legally innocent and the state has a clear duty of care to all those it chooses to incarcerate.
The conduct of the police as displayed in this photo's here and others i have seen is extremely disconcerting and brings home all the more the need for an authentically independent avenue of investigation into the conduct of police instead of the inept shambles that the IPCC has shown itself to be. Police, if they are to be credible in their alleged function should not adopt the behaviour of cheap viscious bullies which is what i feel is portrayed in these photographs. the gentleman offering the other comments sounds himself like a policeman and he should perhaps lead his colleagues(especially the bullying riff raff in Brighton) into a realisation that the system is already in a state of mockery and nowhere displaying a credible portrayal of any notion of justice.
Dostievsky said that you can tell the state of a nation by the way it treats its prisoners and if this is true, which i believe it is, we are in a poor state. No officer, if you or your coleagues want public trust and confidence you must earn it , your uniform gives you no automatic right to anyones trust and confidence and the bullying loutsih behaviour portrayed in these and other photos I've seen is not acceptable and where there is bullying, oppression and violence there will be resistance, it is inevitable.

George Coombs
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