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Jean Charles de Menezes - public meeting -Mon23Jul - LONDON

The War on Terror is a Lie | 19.07.2007 12:04 | Anti-militarism | Repression | London

Jean Charles de Menezes: Conway Hall, London: 23.7.7
Two years too long to wait for justice.

Public Meeting

All Welcome


• Members of Jean's family
• Gareth Peirce
• Mark Thomas (tbc)
• Michael Mansfield QC (tbc)
• Asad Rehman (J4J Campaign)

Innocent Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes was shot dead on 22nd July 2005 at Stockwell tube station as the result of a disastrous police anti-terror operation.

Two years after his shooting:

• No police officer involved in his death has faced criminal proceedings

• The inquest into his death remains adjourned

• The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) report into the police operation on the day of his death remains secret

• The IPCC report into Sir Ian Blair also remains unpublished

• The family and public still have no answers about the use of Operation Kratos and the police shoot-to-kill policy.

Join the Menezes family on the second anniversary of his shooting to hear
about their continuing struggle for justice.

Jean Charles de Menezes Family Campaign

PO Box 273
Forest Gate
07765 707632

Two years too long to wait for justice

6.30pm, Monday 23rd July 2007
Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square WC1

The War on Terror is a Lie


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The unique Verint connection

19.07.2007 23:23

Verint handled the cctv on both 7/7 and 22/7 which has apparently failed on both occasions
Metronet and its outsources are shown to have absolutely failed


Verint link

20.07.2007 08:44

Thanks for that info on Verint. When I first heard about the CCTV 'not working', days after a 'terrorist incident' on the underground, I knew straight away it was a big lie. I was on the trains and Tube yesterday, listening to an announcement that "CCTV is in operation at this station, for your security" Total bollocks. I think of Jean Charles every time I hear that crap.

Anyone who's seen/read 'V for Vendetta' will remember the cameras and loudspeakers with 'For Your Protection' underneath each one. I saw the same sign under the cameras in Rugby. And that film was supposed to be a post-apocaltyptic vision!



02.08.2007 11:27

En manos de hombres pecadores...en los brazos de Dios
A Senryu Sequence

A Brazilian,
with seven holes in his head,
knows that looks can kill.

Jean Charles de Menezes,
our Josef K for the day,
he runs while we prey.

Put down like a dog,
we watch, face at the window,
his trial and our guilt.

A town black with tears,
Gonzaga is not London
but it bleeds the same.

Fear is a weapon
with a blade for a handle,
his wounds are our own.

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