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Dawn Raid and Arrests in Glasgow

Unity Centre, Glasgow | 18.07.2007 12:37 | Anti-racism | Migration

This morning the Home Office attempted a dawn raid on a flat in the Sighthill district of Glasgow. Their target wasn't home but 4 people were detained.

When raiding the flat at Fountainwell Square this morning, the Home Office's target, a man from Zimbabwe was not apprehended. However, two friends from Swaziland, in the UK on student visas, were taken into custody, as was a lady from Ghana.

A neighbour and community activist was arrested when he questioned what was going on. In a surprising twist, the dawn raid team were happy to invite him into the flat while the raid was taking place. It's been suggested that this is either because:
a) the Home Office are moving to a more open policy to prove they aren't really racist scumbags; or
b) the neighbour is black and they thought that meant he wasn't from here.

After 4 hours, the neighbour was charged with obstruction and released. The swift processing suggests either:
a) increased police efficiency and service standards; or
b) they know they made a mistake and will quietly drop the charges.

(So far the Home Office have secured a grand total of One conviction from their arrests around dawn raids and Brand Street. That conviction is subject to appeal.)

People are trying to locate and contact the 3 detainees and a meeting has been called for this evening in Sighthill:
Wednesday, 5:30pm at:
Flat 5/6,
6 Fountainwell Square

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