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Radio interview with Ramona Africa and Fred Riley from MOVE

brum imcista | 09.07.2007 17:30 | Repression | Terror War | Birmingham

During their UK speaking tour of Birmingham, MOVE Minister of Communication Ramona Africa and long term MOVE supporter Fred Riley were interviewed by Sammi as part of his 'Face the Nation' show on Unity FM. Unity FM is a Muslim community radio station that was keen to interview MOVE, whereas the mainstream media chose to ignore the plight of the MOVE 9 and death-row journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Ramona and Fred talk about MOVE and it's stance on protecting all forms of life and it's uncompromising revolutionary intent. They discuss the duplicitous nature of the global system through it's incarceration of political prisoners, state repression and US plans to extend the death penalty to children as young as twelve. They also talk about the 'War on Terror' and the structured inequalities imposed on us by the system and how we can expose it.

They advocate the only solution to all this is to overthrow the system that creates these inequalities and injustices in the first place.

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