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Ninja Doll’s Scorched Earth Policy: 7 Haikus for July 4th

Priya Warcry | 04.07.2007 20:10

Happy Flag Burning Day comrades!

I wrote some Haikus for the 4th of fuckin July. Enjoy

Greetings from America my Euro-comrades! I'm in New York City which isn't physically attached to America so I'm not technically in America, so I like to think, but the evil stench of Capitalist Fascism permeates regardless.

Anyhow, just wanted to share a few Haiku's I wrote for "Independence Day" as I was wondering exactly what the fuck we were independent of... King George? Definetly not independent of the old jack-boot-heel-up-the-arse...

After 9.11, there were a lot of huge flags around NYC, like HUGE ones that sometimes covered a whole building. Depressing it was, but us anarchists concluded... the bigger the flag... the bigger the flames.

For those who don't know what a Haiku is - it is a Japanese linguistic art form. Whatever your thought, it must be condensed to 3 lines - 5, 7 and 5 syllables each respectively. Haiku forces you to eliminate the unnecessary and zero in on the essential meaning of your thought. It provides just enough structure for the heart of your truth to emerge without the extra fluff and bullshit ... neat huh? Those Japanese... so efficient! Samurai kill without breaking a sweat. (But they do train their whole lives. Warriors maintain their discipline and committment.)

The minimal structure and strict form of Haiku offers a lesson for Anarchists on a personal and collective level. You need just enough clear structure to support and facilitate creativity but no more and no less... the rest is anarchy and potentials. I guess that's the good news.

Ninja Doll's Scorched Earth Policy
Seven Haikus for July 4th by Warcry

This wretched Empire
Maddening murder machine
Crumbles and implodes

Dispossessed souls cry
Those abandoned to the night
with no hope at all

For too long we've bled
Hiding among the ruins
Unknown anarchists

Love grows in our souls
Miracle revolutions
Joys yet to behold

In burning rubble
from ashes of broken dreams
new hope will arise

We know who we are
how to bring down the death star
Hold steady and aim

Mutant ninja doll
Empires do fall after all
Take your best shot love

Priya Warcry