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Sumac work-month - get involved!

Refurberr | 03.07.2007 15:14 | Free Spaces

The Sumac is closed for business throughout the whole of July to do some long overdue maintenance and redecoration!

We are looking for anyone and everyone to get involved - whether you are highly skilled at DIY or just enthusiastic!

Hopefully people will be working almost every day throughout the month... to find out when people are likely to be there to work with call the centre on 0845 458 9595 or 0115 9608254.

Work-weekends -on the following weekends there will be even more people than normal fixing and painting, as well as hopefully some food and booze for volunteers:

July 7-8th maintenance jobs
July 21st-22nd Decoration preparation and maintenance
July 27th -28th Decoration

If you are from out of town, we can find you somewhere to stay.

Sumac Centre is found at 245 Gladstone St, Forest Fields Nottingham. For directions look at the website.

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