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xs4all censors | 03.07.2007 14:18 | Culture | Repression | World

For years, Swiss authorities tried to shut down the Zurich based homepage specialised in police brutality -- in vain. Where they failed, now the dutch ISP xs4all eventually succeeded ...

It's your right to watch the cops ...
It's your right to watch the cops ..., part of the small independent media collective founded in 2000, focuses on what commercial media politely ignore: police weapons and their effects, abuse of power by police forces both local and abroad, and why fallible officers virtually never have to appear before court. Of course the local authorities tried to shut down all of the ssi-media homepages, but after two years of legal procedures eventually lost the courtcase.

As a security move, ssi-media decided from the beginning to use an ISP abroad, which turned out to be xs4all (formerly Just now this so called 'liberal' ISP with a 'strong anti-censorship stance' succeeded where the swiss authorities failed: they removed large chunks of the homepage (incl. PigBrother's Report 2007) and now for almost a week locked the owners out of their own homepage by changing the passwords without notification ...

xs4all argues this action being a 'mere technicality', caused by their 'loss' of our filed administrative data incl. our postal adress (which btw can be obtained on various pages still online). however, after SSI complied to all of xs4all's demands by re-delivering them all requested data by fax, xs4all still refuses the collective access to their own homepage.

Fortunately, as another security move, the different domainnames like e.g., et al are hosted by again different providers and will be redirected to back-up diskspace, so hopefully also the deletes pages plus the pending updates will be up again soon.

On the downside, as a small independent collective we can't afford to sue xs4all for breach of contract and damages, However, we'd like everybody to know how serious xs4all REALLY is abour their claim to be concerned about 'information freedom' and the 'outstanding quality' of their services ...


Sloppy Corporate Censorship 4 all

05.07.2007 05:38

how pigbrother eventually got the passwords back, plus some more background: