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Activities for Activists in Cardiff this weekend (including indymedia stuff)

vg | 03.07.2007 06:43 | Anti-militarism | Free Spaces | Indymedia

Calling all Wales-based activists. Fancy a weekend in Cardiff?
Find out about a campaign against a new military academy at St Athan.
Get involved in indymedia Wales or just come along to learn some indymedia skills.
Visit the PAD social centre for a vegan fry-up.
See the UK Subs!

There are probably all sorts of things happening in Cardiff this weeekend - here's a selection. If you want to come along and need somewhere to stay, then let us know as soon as you can.



* 1pm outside the National Museum of Wales, Cardiff

Peaceful protest against ID Cards

* 2pm at the Temple of Peace, Cathays Park, Cardiff

St Athan Military Academy and its place in a Sustainable Wales

Interested parties are invited to a discussion on the implications of such an academy for peace and justice in Wales. The meeting should last 2 hours maximum and refreshments will be available.

* 5pm at The PAD 118 Clifton Street, Cardiff

An information meeting about Indymedia Wales, followed by training on how to take part in the creation and maintenance of IMC-Wales. Help develop an alternative media for Wales. Refreshments will be available.

Join the list for more info:

* And some evening entertainment: damn late at TJs, Newport

UK SUBS & FOREIGN LEGION. punk rock. £8. beer for sale.


* In the morning at somewhere special

More technical training following on from yesterday's IMC meeting.

* Noon onwards at The PAD Clifton Street:

Vegan Fry-up, zapatista coffee, organic fairtrade tea, & revolutionary banter. Plus free shop, libary and all the other usual social centre stuff.

See you there!

- e-mail: imc-wales[at]


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UK subs still around???!!

04.07.2007 06:51

Hey, i did not realise these guys were still around.

sid vicious